Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Free Birthday Party Themed Crochet Patterns

I thought today it would be fun to share some of my favorite 
Birthday Party Themed Crochet Patterns.

Today is my sons 6th birthday! I can hardly believe it! He started Kindergarten this year and absolutely loves it! He was so excited to get back to school yesterday after winter break. He's growing up so fast and I love him dearly! 

Now on to what you really want! Free patterns! 

1. Party Hat by Mamachee

I love this pattern and have made in many times in different variations! They are always a fun hit for the party. You can see my versions here.

2. Ballon Applique - By Me

The appliqué's are great on hats and other clothing. They even make great embellishments on cards or bunting. 

3. Birthday Candle Scarf by Twinkie Chan

Who doesn't love Twinkie Chan's Whimsical designs! They are always fun, colorful and unique. 

4. Cupcake Pin Cushion by One and Two Company 

I'm always losing my tapestry needles. I really should make a good pincushion. 
This one looks yummy but don't eat it!! 

5-7. Party Pennant Garland by Moogly. 

She also has crochet Letters and Numbers for you to make the perfect pennant! 

These would be great with a name, age, number and/or ballon appliqués. 

8. Cupcake Hat by Sara of Repeat Crafter Me

I love Sara's Patterns. I've made several. They are well written and on gauge for me! 

9. Rainbow Cake Tissue Cozy by Ashley Nichole

I just came across this adorable pattern! I will have to add this to my to do list! I love the colorful rainbow of colors and little textures added to the frosting! 

10. Party Cake Dishcloths by Jennifer of Fiber Flux 

I love crochet dishcloths! These caught my eye because of the bright colors. 
A great modern granny square! 

I hope you enjoyed this Round up! Which one(s) will you try? Have you made any of these already? 
Feel free to link up your favorite Birthday themed patterns in the comments! 


Rebeckah said...

Those are brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Amy B Stitched said...

Thank you for the round up of free patterns!!! I especially like the cupcake pattern (I lose my finishing needles all the time too) :D

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I want to make them all. Moogly's letters/pendant is on my to do list but that cake tissue cover is super cute - must add it. Cupcakes I've done before. How about a puff stitch cupcake? this one I made for my son's birthday when he was 9. wow that's 5 years ago.

Posh Pooch Designs said...

Awww..Great patterns! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Man!!! I like the piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

I am doing the Rainbow Cake Tissue Cozy. it is the cutest I've seen.

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