Monday, May 30, 2011

Hatchlings, Owls and Daisy!

Over the weekend I was able to get my two of my latest patterns edited and released. Check them out!

Hatchling Turtle - Cuddle Critter Cape - 
Newborn Photography Prop

Owlette Owl- Cuddle Critter Cape - 
Newborn Photography Prop

These can both be purchased for an instant download via Ravelry here or you can always purchase in my Etsy Shop

Speaking of Etsy I hit my 200th sale this weekend. Pattern sales are definitely the place to be. I took me a  year to get 100 sales but only two weeks to hit 200 and I'm absolutely thrilled with how much you love these newborn cape set. I have so many more in the works. I have trouble knowing which ones to do next and yet make on more unique than the last. 

I recently bought a new pattern. I've been wanting a great bonnet pattern. I bought a few and tried a few free ones and they just weren't working for me. So I when a different route and bought a pattern by the Inner Hooker (One of my favorite pattern writers) for the Flower bonnet. It worked up perfectly. I didn't have enough handspun merino on hand so I thought I'd try a different yarn (Yarn bee - Chincilla). This is what I came up with. I'm not sure what I think about it. What do you think? 

I'm trying to think of a fun design for a cape to go with it.
 I have in the works, a zebra, Sock monkey and dinosaur......and so many more ideas written out! I can't wait to design more. Many have asked for a butterfly and I think I've finally pinned down what to do for it. Can't wait to see how it comes out. 

Hope you've had a great Memorial Day! I've not even touched my hook. Spent the day outside in the warm weather in the sprinkler with the kiddos. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cuddle Critter Cape Pattern giveaway

Well I've almost reach an amazing 100 pattern sales of the new cuddle critter capes I released about a week and a half ago. Since it's Calleigh's Birthday I'm felling generous and I'd like to give away a pattern.

You won't have to jump though hoops just comment on this post which one is your favorite or maybe one you'd like to see me create! See easy!

Make sure to leave a name and email if it's not linked to your profile. One entry per person. extra entries will be deleted! 

This will run till May 31st and I'll pick a winner on June 1st! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Calleigh

Today is my sweet Calleigh's 2nd birthday. I can't believe how fast time flies by. She's at such a fun age and full of personality! I thought I'd share a few (I promise just a few) from her birthday party last Saturday and if you endure the photos you'll find a discount code and possibly a giveaway ;)

Her darling cake and cupcakes. I bought the cake at Sams (called Ribbons and dots) and then I added the cupcake wrappers and toppers. ( i bought the templets on etsy, printed them at fun) 

Calleigh's in her big cupcake bow (she hates bows and hats so this picture is a miracle!) 

Opening presents and Cards

She's enjoying us singing happy Birthday! 

Ready for cake! 

she dived right in for chocolate! 

Enjoying time with her favorite cousins. My strong Ayden pulling the wagon :)

It was a fun day and I look forward to watching her continue to grow up! 

Just for today I'm offering Free shipping in my Etsy shop (May 26, 2011) 
Just enter the code:  HAPPY2BIRTHDAY at checkout. You can also just email me to order and mention the coupon and I can invoice you for special orders and such ! 

I'm also going to start a giveaway for one free crochet pattern. I started Selling my Cuddle critter cape patterns two weeks ago this saturday. I've almost reached my first 100 and I can't hardly believe it so be watching for a post shortly for the giveaway! I bought yarn today to start a few new ideas I have for these! I can't wait to share them with you! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whimsical Forest Owls

I've been slowly making Calliegh's bedroom girly. We're still in a rent house so I'm not going to paint or  do anything drastic but it's all in the little things. Calleigh shared a room with her brother when she was a baby in the old house and I just passed the same neutral baby bedding so I wanted something new and fun just for her.

I had intentions of making some things for her room but I ran across this adorable forest owl theme at Target and just had to get it. I bought the bed set for Calleigh's toddler bed but she'd nor I are quite ready for that transition so it's on her crib till I get her a bed. I'm really wanting to get a white daybed of some sort. I've not completely decided yet.

Isn't it adorable! Of course I needed to get the big owl pillow too! 

We got a few decor items at hobby lobby. I came across this cute wooden tree with pegs and a pink owl hanger that matched perfect. It's for her little purses and head bands.

For her birthday her Grandma picked up the valances to match the bedding. I was so excited! Just need to get some curtains panels to match. I might make those ;)! ( there is also an adorable lamp and wall decor but I'm hoping they will go on sale soon.) 

My new favorite is wall sticker art. It's great to add some fun to the wall without damaging it!

I added her name!

a "c" initial for her door.

I got the set of stickers from Target as well! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Deals and Discounts!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Do you n eed a weekend project or are you looking for some great deals!?! Well I have some great things for you!

Last night I just release my 6th Cuddle Critter Cape pattern :

Goldie Giraffe 

Isn't she adorable! You can get a instant download via my crochet pattern page or my Artfire or Etsy store! 

Since I have several patterns now I had many of you ask if I would offer bundles and I'd already been thinking about it. Here they are! 

You can get these deals via Artfire or Etsy! 

I'm working on more patterns too! If you have an idea you'd like me to make a pattern for something specific just ask I'm totally up for the challenge. 

I've only had these patterns up for a week and I can't even believe what a success they have been . I have had so many compliments and kinds words in lovely emails. Thanks for your support! Your a blessing to me! 

OH and I almost forgot! 

I have a huge Ready to Ship album on Facebook {free shipping on these items} 
Lots of Newborn hats, photography props, other hats in various sizes, dresses and clips! 
Please come check it out and help me reduce my inventory. 

I have a lot of RTS because a boutique I was in closed so the stock I had there is now sitting in several baskets that I need for yarn {LOL}. So help me out here! Great deals! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Party hat time!

I recently found this adorable {free} crochet pattern for party hats over at Easy Makes me Happy!
 {I love her blog it's always so bright and colorful with lots of fun ideas! }

I decided to embellish on a few - I added brightly color spots and fun spirals at the top! 

This one is for Calleigh's Party Saturday it's pink sparkle with brown. I added a fun ruffle and spirals at the top. I had originally tried a pom pom but those don't work so well in cotton {just FYI} 

I was going to use this for a photo shoot but it was too windy! So It's my John Deere themed party hat. 

Aren't they just cute! The possibilities are endless! 

Thanks for the adorable pattern Tara! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feathered Locks!

So i'm not usually one to jump on the bandwagon of the next new fad but it seems the new thing for hair accessories is feather extensions. I'd noticed several acquaintances with them and then was talking with some friends that do hair for a living and they said it's so popular right now. I thought they were pretty and I really wanted to get some. Seem most salons are charging about $10 and up for each feather and I thought to myself that can't be that hard to do yourself. I've never had extensions and wondered if they might be painful.

I decided to search etsy and came across several shops that offer the extensions. I decided on one extensions with four feathers in natural tones so it would blend nicely with my hair color. I bought from this shop called Flocks2Locks. She has a great selection. from natural tones to really edgy colors like, pink, blues, reds, yellows and more fun ones. I don't know if I'd go that far into the bright colors but red might be fun.

If you need help putting them in I found videos and instructions all over the place. It said you just needed a latch hook tool which I had but was to big to put through the crip bead so I just use a handy dandy tiny crochet hook. It's was really easy I just had trouble deciding were I wanted to put it. Now I think I need like two more extensions. ;)

I don't even feel the crimp bead or the extension. For those of you who don't like to color your hair it's such a natural way to add some color or highlights with out dyes or chemicals. {obviously I don't really mind dye because I do that often}. These can be left in your hair for several months. You wash and style them just like you do your hair. So the end result is that I really like them and I want a few more.

What do you think?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Pattern - Iphone/Ipod Purse

Iphone/Ipod purse
I love this design and the texture stitches {I think} looks like houndstooth!

Be sure to add this to your Ravelry Favorites!

Materials: ww(4) yarn ( I used I Love This Acrylic or Cotton from Hobby Lobby)
I hook- {5.5 mm} 
Color (A) Black ; Color (B) White

Stitches used: 
(sl st) slip stitch 
(sc) single crochet 
(hdc) Half double crochet

Note : chain stitch doesn’t count in stitch count

With (A) Ch 9

Rd 1 - hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to last, hdc 3 times in last ch, continue to hdc on opposite side of ch to last hdc, hdc 2 time in last ch, join with sl st to 1st hdc, ch 2

Rd 2 - hdc in each hdc around, join with st st to first hdc, turn (20)
Change to (B) This row will start the texturing. Don’t do the sl st’s to tight. Loosen up a little if you crochet tight like me :)

{don’t forget to turn! We’re going the other direction now. Also don’t crochet in the joining stitches when you turn. This will keep your stitches lined up and you won’t end up with extra stitches ; ) I would count every row or you can easily get off count}

Rd 3 - *(hdc in 1st hdc, sl st in the next) repeat around, join with sl st to first hdc, turn Change to (A)

Rd 4 - ch 1, sc in each st around, join with sl st , turn (change to {b}) 

Rd 5 -20 - Repeat rows 3 &4 When you complete row 20 don’t turn! 

Rd 21 - ch 2, hdc in each sc around , join with sl st, ch 1

Rd 22 - sc in first hdc, ch 8 , sk 6 sts, sc 4 , ch 8, sk 6 , sc 3 , join with sl st to first sc, ch 1

Rd 23- sc in each st and ch around , join with sl st , ch 1 Rd 24 - sc in each sc , join with sl st, fasten off and weave in ends.

You don’t have to change colors. You can do this solid too! Just ignore the color changes. You could make a flap on the top and add a button to make a closure, You could chain more and make the handle longer! Put your own twist on it! I’d love to see your creations. Feel free to email me anytime!


Copyright ©2010 Calleigh’s Clips & Crochet Creations All rights reserved. These instructions may not be photocopied or reproduced in any manner. They may not be sold. I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete. I cannot, however, be responsible for human error, or variations in individual work.
Actual finished product may be sold. My Etsy shop name ID and URL web page address must be mentioned in listing or wherever item is displayed: Calleigh’s Clips & Crochet Creations by Elisabeth Spivey

Cuddle Critter Capes - Crochet patterns

Over the weekend I decided that besides just selling the Cuddle Critter Capes themselves I should sell my patterns too. I was already writing them as I went along anyway.  Most crocheters will tell you that they were inspired by someone else and I'm one of them. I think very few of my creations are original.

I don't think the capes are but there was only one other shop selling something similar to them on etsy before I started and now there are about 5-6 that I could find. So maybe I started a new trend :) It's nice to get ahead of the game for a change with something new. With that said I would love for you to be able to make some too if you'd like I've released 5 patterns so far - ladybug, bee, monkey, bear, and mouse. I'm working on more soon and if there is one you specific you'd like let me know.... you can get an instant download via ravelry on my crochet pattern page or purchase through etsy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thunder up!

Being from OKC you have to be certain I'm a Thunder Basketball fan! I think basketball is one of the few sports I can enjoy watching {besides volleyball but that's because I love it}! Today is there playoff game #7 and we're hoping for a big win. With that in mind I'm here to show some team spirit!

The kiddos all ready to cheer on their team (oh wait the game is on at nap time) 

I made this light weight cotton newsboy cap in Thunder blue and orange! Isn't it cute and summery! I love the bright colors together. 

My hubby of Public Safety Survival Bracelets made a new paracord bracelet to show his support today! You can find it on his facebook and let him know if you want one too! He has several to make today anyway ;)

I saw this video this week and I thought it was funny! Kristen Chenoweth always cracks me up. 
 A little PR for the thunder. 

We got pizza and are excited the game is going to be televised and we'll be cheering them on! What do you do to show team spirit? 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dewdrops and Pixies

I've been working on a new pattern that I've now included with the original thick & thin Crochet Baby Beanie pattern I wrote. Its the basic Pixie hat with a optional chinstrap that can be added to either hat! It's like getting three patterns in one! 

Here are a few of the hats I've made from it! I think It's a super pattern and these whip up so fast! 

This gorgeous beauty is a one of a kind. It was a special surprise sent to me! I don't even know what to call it so lets go with Gorgeous Gem Pixie hat! 

I picked up this gorgeous yarn from Michaels called Dewdrops. It a blend that includes acrylic and mohair with adorable shiny sequins! This color is Pearl but also come in a few other shades of jewel tones, silver, black, teal, purple, cranberry! I want them all! :)

Here is the pixie chinstrap hat

The basic Beanie with chinstrap

If you'd like this pattern it's available for an instant download here or in my etsy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Items and New photos!

I'm so trilled I got some images from my photographer today and wanted to share them with you!

All Photos are by Dorinda Varga Photography
*Note - Please don't use these images for any use with out prior permission. Thank you!

I also have several new listings in the shop! So stop by and see our latest creations on Etsy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Petitie Purses- Granny Stitch Style

I found the cutest little purse pattern. It whips up in a short amount of time and could be made with scrap yarn. The original design is called the Granny Boutique Purse and you can find the "free" pattern here on Tangled Happy's Blog. {She has several other super cute easy patterns too!}  

The colors of this one are inspired by my logo colors! 
I made this with cotton yarn by Sugar N' Cream

This one is Red Sparkle acrylic. I never get red to photograph well but it's a super cute purse in person. 
Calleigh's loves these and has already been carrying them around and putting her favorite thing inside.

These would make a perfect gift for any girl! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pixie & Pom Pom Craze

So this past week I finally bought a pom pom maker. I'm in love! Why did I not do this sooner. {because I'm cheap- and it was on sale}  So with my mind on pom pom making I decided I needed to make more jester and pixie hats. I made up four super cute hats and here they are:

Patriotic Pixie/Stocking Cap

This stocking cap has a great texture stitch and I love the effect it gives it. The color design is my twist on a pattern by Speckled Frog Crochet You can find the stocking cap pattern here.
I decided to go with a simple pom pom and a cute star button for an accent, but this hat can also be made with long braided tail or a curly tail for different effects. I think this would make a great photography prop for newborns with patriotic holidays coming. 

Stars & Stripes Jester Hat

This fun Jester Beanie is also patriotic in theme. I used the basic jester hat pattern by Inner Hooker and added my own twist with colors and a texture stitch that I like to use. I love how it turned out!

Pink Camo Jester Hat

I love this girly camo. This is also the same pattern with my texture stitch added. I just like the raised effect that it gives.

Nubby Newsboy Cap 

I need to make this in my size! I offer this hat in any size nb to men/women's sizes
I love the ivory tweed and tan belt with buttons. I think it would make an adorable nb photo prop or just a great fall hat for anyone. This is a warmer hat with the thick texturing but it fits a little bigger than a regular newsboy cap so it great for on the go when you want to hide your hair :). 

OH I almost forgot to share the new Photography prop - Hanging Basket! 

This is also a new pattern by Inner Hooker. {i have like 25 of her patterns and highly recommend her} 
I'm excited to make more of these in a variety of colors. isn't it cute. I had a few fans ask me if it was for plants to hang in. I supposed you could do that but I'd have to design it smaller and with different yarn. 

I'm about to have a lot more free time. I only have one more day left at the college for the semester!