Monday, May 31, 2010

Giveaway Winner Announced

The winner is number 27. I'll be honest I didn't know you had to pay to use for this type of generator. So what I did is make a list in excel in the order you entered and let it choose a random number. 

Stephanie R. is the winner! All your entries payed off! 

If we reach 500 fans by midnight tonight we have another giveaway going on.  I guess you could call it a referral contest. The 500th fan will receive $10.00 credit and whomever suggested them with receive a $10.00. We're only 20 fans away so start suggesting them if you want to win! 

Congrats to our winner and keep your eyes out for more giveaways in the future. You never know when they'll pop-up!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Public Safety Survival Bracelets

I'd like to highlight my Husbands Shelby's new business:  Public Saftey Survival Bracelets

My husband loves to help people and his lines of work over the years proves it. He's been an EMT for the OKC Metro's Ambulance Service and is now a 911 dispatcher for the Warr Acres PD and Fire station  He soon will start training to be a reserve Police Officer. He wanted a way to show support to his fellow officers and friends in other public  and military positions.

He saw these bracelets online and decided to make a few for himself and several friends. Well they caught on pretty quick.  They are made from paracord. He says " you never know when having that para cord on you could be handy" :) I think to myself " must be a guy thing!"

 I think the bracelets are great and he is now making key fobs and lanyards. These can be made in a variety of colors and don't have to be specifically to show support for anything. We can customize for your favorite schools colors, sports colors and more! I want him to make me a black, white and hot pink!

I especially like this new one - Red,White and Blue - USA! Please check these out!

Stocking Cap

Here is my newest creations. I love how the colors came together. I made this one to fit my Calleigh but these are super cute on newborn babies especially for photos. I've decided to venture out on some new items for photography props. Who doesn't just love pics of newborn babes? My goal is to make them even more adorable with soft accessories such as hats, diaper covers, sleeps sack, coocons, hammocks and more! 

Here are a few other items I've recently made for a friend that will be having her 1st baby any day now. 
If you interested in any of these items or would like to customize your very own items just send me an email- . I aim to please by making quality products at an affordable price. If you are a photographer and are interested in props please let me know. I'd love to partner up with some of you to get some professional photos of these items being used. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calleigh's 1st Birthday

Ah 1st birthday's! Such a bittersweet time. Can't believe it's already been a year. So many thing have changed this past year for me. It's just amazing to see how God's blessed our family. For those of you that don't know the story behind Calleigh's Clips I thought I'd share today.

 In Dec 08 I was laid off from the perfect stay at home job as an Admin Assist. for a small telecommunications Company, do to the economy. It was definitely not a type of job I was just going to find again just because there's not a lot out there like it plus it was a special situation. It allowed me to work and still watch my sweet Ayden boy who is now 2. When I lost that job I was 6 mo prego and had no idea what we'd do. Who was going to hire a pregnant women and how were we going to afford day care? We really just had no idea? We prayed about it and I decided it was time to to find some piano students. It's what I went to school for and it's what I've always wanted.

Since I still live near the College I attended I decided to see if they needed an extra teacher. At that time they didn't but they said they'd keep me in mind. I was on unemployment for way to long searching for Work at home position and unless I wanted to be a telemarketer there wasn't much else. I don't care to talk on the phone especially with two little ones around so I just couldn't do that.

August rolled around and the i wanted to teach at college would start soon but I hadn't heard that they needed anyone. To my surprise the week before the college started I got a call and they had a teacher quit so I got 17 students. I was super excited to see this opportunity! I also had 2 students at home. This year of teaching has been so fun and a great opportunity! I'm very much looking forward to the fall but enjoying summer break. I have alot more time to devote to Calleigh's Clips this summer so I'm hope you can enjoy the journey with me!

oh yeah - Calleigh's Clips!  Obviously I have a little girl and I love all things girly. My mom has always been crafty and she passed that on to me. So I just started making her various items bows, crochet hats and more. I got lots of compliments on them I was encouraged to sell them. We needed extra money and I also always have left over supplies. So I just started making thinks for friends and family as gifts. I decided to venture out in the the facebook fan world In January and I've made at least one sale every week. It's been super encouraging! I love all your sweet comments and love my faithful fans and customers. As you see I'm always coming up with something new. I can't believe we're almost at 500 fans. That is amazing to me.

Okay if I haven't lost you yet....I'm terribly with writing :)

To celebrate today I've discounted all my crochet hats 25% ! So order them while you can. I've got a new section of crochet products soon - Photo Props : Diaper covers with coordinating hats (new styles) cocoons, hammocks and sleep sacks. If you are a photographer or know any please send them my way. I'm very excited about these new items!

Photography Props

I recently ordered some patterns from "The Inner Hooker" on Etsy! The patterns included a diaper cover, cocoon and a stocking hat. I've made two of them so far and I'll be sharing them with you soon. I'm very pleased with her patterns and have found them super easy to read. She's having a giveaway and I'd love to win so I wanted to give her a shout out! If you love crochet check her out! Here is a link to the giveaway!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Giveaway Time

My Calleigh will be one on Wednesday! This year just flew by! 
In honor of her birthday I've decided that I want to have a giveaway for the new Shell Stitch hat and crochet flower clip. It can be made in any size and a variety of colors. I'll let the winner decided from a selection of yarn. 

Here's how to enter:

1.  First leave a comment with your name and email address here. (If you don't do this first your other entries won't count)

2.  Post this giveaway on your facebook page for an extra entry, make sure you comment letting me know you did this with the link to your post. 

3.  Follow "Calleigh Clips"  blog for an extra entry, be sure to comment letting me know your following.

4.  Suggest my Fan Page to your friends & comment telling me how many friends you suggested it too. You will get an extra entry for each friend that you suggest! 

5.  If you purchase something from me starting now till the end of the giveaway you will get another entry.
6.  If a friend you suggest makes a purchase you will also get an additional entry for that.
*Be sure to tell me or comment for every entry to qualify for!!! This will be fun!!!
*This contest will End Sunday May 30th at Midnight Central. I'll choose a winner sometime Monday using! 
*Open to US Residents only.
I'm at 445 fans on Facebook! If we reach 500 I'm going to have another fabulous prize box giveaway for one lucky fan. I've not decided what yet but it will be several different items! If you enter here you'll automatically be entered for it. Good luck and Thanks for being a fan/follower of Calleigh's Clips, Crafts and Crochet!

Square Pom Pom Hat

I've been looking at a lot of baby photography crochet props lately and I came across this amusing yet super cute square shaped hat with pom pons. This was my first attempt with out a pattern on hand and it's cute but I need to work on the pom pons and work in some fun colors. This works great for both boys and girls.

This particular hat is a newborn size hat and makes a fun hat for my son to play with on Curious George! I think it's fits his spunky personality . *smiles* . I can be made in any size! If you'd like one just let me know. I love to customize.

Since I've not done alot for boys I'd like to implement more Items for them. Keep your eyes out for more items in the coming weeks. I'll be working on a newsboys hat this afternoon.

Two questions:

1. What types of crochet items would you love to see for boys?

2. What kind of color combos would you love to see for boys?

I'll be working on a baby yellow and green just because we love John Deere around my house and I have lots of it :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shell Stitch Beanie

I found this great new crochet pattern for a hat today. I needed something new! You can find the pattern here - Shell Stitch Beanie

It's called the shell stitch beanie. I think the stitching makes it look elegant and sophisticated. The flower just adds the extra girly touch.  Plus it's detachable and can be used in hair or other interchangeable headbands and hats This one is 0-3 months but can be made in any size and a variety of other colors.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tulle Wand

Tulle Wand

I made this Tulle Wand for my Calleigh's 1st Birthday next week. I want to use it as a prop in a photo shoot. If you'd like to learn how to make one here is the Tutorial I used : Tulle Wand Tutorial. Her blog has all kinds of fun stuff.