Sunday, October 31, 2010

November Giveaway


It's Giveaway time again! I've been slacking the last two months and I'm sorry! Since it's November I want us to talk about what we're most thankful for. I'm so thankful for you all for without you I wouldn't be able to create so many wonderful items.

There will be two winners who will be selected using -each will earn a $15.00 credit to any of our items.

There will be many ways to earn extra entries so PLEASE read the directions first or you will be disqualified:

Please Read & Follow Directions 1st

Please leave a separate comment on the blog for each entry. If it's not separate it won't work for you for the random drawing since all the comments here are numbered :) 

1.Comment on this blog post Telling me what your most Thankful for. (1 entry)
2.Follow my blog (1 entry)
3. Like me on Facebook (1 entry)4. Go to my Artfire shop and tell me your favorite item (1 entry) 
5. Follow me on twitter (1 entry)
6. Share this Giveaway on your blog and/or Facebook  ( 2 entries) - Make a separate comment for each one. 
(be sure to share the link blog link or tag @callieghsclips on facebook so I know your shared it :)
7. Purchase an item(s) from Calleigh's Clips (10 entries) (Starting with orders placed after Nov 1st)
8. Add our blog button to your blog (1 entry)  it's at the top of our blog ask me if you need help!
9. Sign up for Swagbucks - would love some new referalls. (don't know what swagbucks is? see my post here) - I'll know if you signed up because it shows me names)  (1 entry)
10. Vote for our pink-a-boo puppy  (VOTING IS NOW CLOSED and We Won 1st - thanks)

This contest will end Saturday November 13th at Midnight Central and I'll have the winners posted sometime in the week after. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me using the contact tab. 


Create Crochet Etsy Team

Well I've been selling on Etsy for four months now and I have to say so far I'm not disappointed. I was really nervous to jump into such a large online selling venue and so far it's paid off.

Etsy have several teams you can join up there all made up of Etsy sellers. I browsed through many and decided to join up with the Create Crochet Etsy Team. I have to say it was one of the best things ever. I've meet some really great and talented people from all over the world. Everyone is such an encouragement and I've learned a lot of different things from different people. I love the feedback on my items. Plus it's nice to know there are other people in the world that are as addicted to crocheting as I am . LOL!

Etsy give out grants to each team ever month and Our Team won this month! You can read about that here. I'm so proud of all the hard work our leaders, helpers, members and volunteers have put into this team.

Our team has challenges every month and this is the first month I've been able to participate. Our theme is for breast cancer awareness. Since we won the grant the team will be picking 10 winners and they'll each get a prize! You can read more about our team and events we've been a part of this year here.

I entered my pink-a-boo puppy. So when It comes time to vote tomorrow! You'll have to help me out!! You can vote on the Create Crochet Etsy Team Blog.

I look forward to being a part of this team for a long time! Congrats team and keep up the good work!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come and see....

I've been pondering the idea of having someone make a logo or design for me for some time. I just had no clue what I wanted. An acquaintance of mine asked if I'd looked on Etsy. I don't know why I didn't think of it. I didn't have to search far when I found Dreamlike Magic's Shop. She makes the cutest pre-made designs. It was hard for me to choose even from a small be darling collection of designs.

I didn't want it to look to girly since I do sell items for boys as well as women and men. I loved the idea of the owls. I finally decided on this design with the three owls because to me it represents a momma and two babies just like me.

This is a sample of my business card

With the set I choose I got:
01 ♥ Banner
02 ♥ Sale Banner
03 ♥ Vacation Banner
04 ♥ New Items Banner
05 ♥ Blank Avatar
06 ♥ Sale Avatar
07 ♥ Vacation Avatar
08 ♥ New Items Avatar
09 ♥ Avatar with Shop Name or Intials
10 ♥ Reserved Listing Placeholder
11 ♥ Thank You Placeholder
12 ♥ Custom Listing Placeholder
13 ♥ Business Card Design
14 ♥ PDF File of Printable Business Cards
15 ♥ 2x2" Round Sticker Design

She'll also give to the option to purchase made to made designs for the following:

♥ Hang Tag
♥ Sticker
♥ Stationary
♥ Letterhead
♥ Return Address Label
♥ Product/Bow Card
♥ Bag Topper
♥ Blog Banner
♥ Website Banner
♥ Web Ad
♥ Blog Button

I plan to get a real Blog banner and blog button and maybe a few other m2m items when I make a few more sales. So If your in need of an etsy banner or a great new design for your shop check her out. You'll love it I know. 

I'm very excited about this new look and I hope you love it too! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a year ago....

Last October I actually had just started picking up my crochet hook again for the fall. I've crochet for a long time but hadn't in a long time! Hard to believe my winter craftiness would continue on to be a year round business just a few short months later.

The spark to crochet again actually happen when I found this hat I'd made before Calleigh was born. I actually made it for her older cousin the Christmas before but it came out to small so she got a different one. This one fit Calleigh just right for the fall. So I started making some more items for her.

This was a little bow headband! She's so little and cute! 

The following items my mom made the kids for Halloween :) 

Calleigh's nickname was pumpkin so this what her Halloween outfit! 

Ayden loves puppies and he got a puppy hat and a cute face to go with it! 

It's so fun to look at old pics! Ayden is almost 3 and Calliegh is almost 17 months today! Have a great week and a fun Halloween. I still don't have anything picked out for Ayden but Calleigh will be a purple kitty! Ayden will probably be a cowboy because he's in love with Woody from Toy Story :) I can't wait to pick up Toy Story 3 next week. We never got around to seeing it but I know the kids will love it. Okay enough rambling I just need a quick break from crochet. :) 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is it to early to order for Christmas?

Is It To Early To Order For Christmas?

The answer is absolutely not! I've had a lot of emails and comments on orders about Christmas and getting items on time. My normal wait time is roughly 5-10 days but usually 3-5 days from payment. With the Holiday season approaching I can tell you that you may want to give me 2-3 weeks. I've already gotten 2 larger orders this weekend on top of several small ones so it's building up fast. I want to take time and make your items perfect and get them to you in a timely manner so please please please don't wait till December. Now through the month of November is the time to order. I may have a cut off at a certain point but I'll play that by ear as we go.

Please note that I do not start your order until you pay. The only reason for this is that I've had many emails in the past with orders for " I want this...." and then I never get payment or even a contact back. I don't want to make my paying customers wait because of non-payment orders. I do ask that if you are going to place the order that you be ready to pay with in 24-48 hrs unless we've made other arrangements. The easiest way is to pay via paypal. You don't even have to have an account with them just have your credit or debit card available. I do also accept money orders but don't wait to get them in the mail!

I'm very excited for this holiday season and I'm looking forward to all the things I get to create special for you and your family and friends. I know that they will love what I make! If you have questions on how to order or if you need custom items feel free to contact me any time by email or using the contact button here or on facebook.

Please note that facebook removed the ability for Fan pages to get notification or "view comments" on the photos. Please still comment but I make never see it. Please write on the wall or contact me with any questions. I want to help and don't intentionally mean to ignore the comments.

The easiest way to purchase is through my Artfire Storefront

Happy Shopping!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Breath in Breath out - Relaxing while you Crochet

Some would say they crochet to relax but do you relax while you crochet!

As business picks up for the holiday season I find myself getting tense from trying to build up inventory for craft fairs and boutiques. I naturally am a tense person and that can cause your hands to be very sore from crocheting every spare minute you have.

Many of you know I also teach piano and I thought I would apply some of the technics I use to relax when I play to while I crochet. You're thinking what does playing the piano have to do with crochet. Ask my College Piano Teacher he'll tell you we worked for years for me to relax and not play so stiff!

I found that when I was playing piano exercises and my songs that I wouldn't breath. It wasn't intentionally holding my breath but I was concentrating on playing and all that goes along with that I wouldn't take breaths. If you don't breath you get tighter and tighter.

1. First thing to apply would be to take deep breaths breathe in and breathe out every few stitches.

2. Take frequent small breaks- I find that if I get into a rhythm of crocheting I don't want to stop till the project is done. Thats why I don't do many big project like blankets :)  I have the advantage of kids so I'm always taking unintentional breaks, but they do come first.

3. Watch your posture when you crochet- I find myself sitting in one place to long or I'll sit on my foot and it'll fall asleep. Try not to do that! Don't slouch it will hurt your back and neck. Try to find a nice comfy chair. I love to crochet in my big blue chair in front of the TV with my favorite show or movies! 

4. Turning on some relaxing music is always nice too. I love jazz and easy listening! 

5. You can do finger exercises, hand massages, shoulder rolls and stretches! Just like any sport a good stretch and warm up before you start will make a world of difference.

6. If you find yourself in a lot of pain then I suggest you stop and take a break don't crochet through the pain. You will just make it worse. Since I make bows and crochet I try to crochet one day and make bows and the next. That way it gives my hands and wrists a small break from all the repetitive motion.

There are lots of great tips out there here are a few things I found :

How to prevent injury while crocheting
Hand and wrist stretches 

Happy Crocheting!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thick and Thin Yarn

I've been hearing a lot about thick and thin yarn lately so I just had to try it. I was referred to Ilashdesigns on Etsy. She has so many lovely choices to choose from. I couldn't buy just one so I bought up a few.

This is Pumpkin patch- I loved the fall colors

This one is Called Frosty Feet and is great for winter tones 
This is called Goofin' Off- I just loved the bright colors

I plan to make some newborn hats with these! The textures and colors will make perfect photography props too! I'm sure I'll have new items to share very soon.

New Divine Beanie

I'm totally in love with a new free beanie pattern I came across several months back. I finally took the time to make it and I'm glad I did. It's called the Divine Beanie and you can find it for free here along with a few other unique hats, and amigurumi crochet patterns.

I choose to make this beanie in a grey tone of Charcoal. Shades of grey are very in style for our winter months ahead. I'm not usually fond of grey myself because I think is washes my snow white skin out...LOL! I do however love this dark charcoal grey. If you have lighter skin just stay away from lighter shades.

I really liked how easy this was to make despite how intricate it looks. I love the texture and the swirl effect. It's also a little thicker than a regular beanie so it should keep you nice and toasty in the fall.

I look forward to making more of these in other colors and size. If you decided to make some too let me know I'd love to see a picture.

If you don't crochet and love this hat as much as I do.  You can purchase it in my artfire shop in a several sizes. Feel free to ask for other colors too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Engagement Memories

This Month around this week 4 years ago! My sweet hubby asked me to marry him! I had no idea he was going to pop the question. Of course I said yes! Sorry this picture is so bad. It was dark and well thats all we got, but it was real time ;)

My 2nd favorite memory from this night was at dinner. We went on a double date with his Bro and Sister in law. His brother Jason was holding the ring for the night and was supposed to pass it to Shelby sometime after dinner. They were trying to discretely pass the ring under the table and Jason dropped the ring. Shelby just quickly grabbed a napkin and picked it up - I didn't notice any of this! Which is strange because I usually notice everything. It's something we still laugh about today. 

I met my husband in college but we were just acquaintances. I had another person in my life at the time so I didn't really pay attention to other guys around me. That didn't end up working out but I wasn't in college anymore so I was back home in a different city.
 One random summer day in 06' back when myspace was cool he found me and "added me as a friend" I accepted and well we've pretty much talked everyday since. We like to joke that we met on myspace but I'd known him for 3 years prior. We were both single at the time and had our share of relationships that just were not meant to be but we became good friends rather quickly. I later learned that he'd really liked me back in college- sure wished I'd been paying attention back then!

We had a mutual friend getting married in Sept -06'( I was in the wedding) and he came up to Tulsa for it.)  - We had a wonderful day and evening together and we started dating official pretty quickly there after.   We got engaged in Oct 06' and married March of 07'. Pretty quick I know but we'd really known each other a long time and we just really felt that is what God wanted for us! We've been happily married since. 
Here are a few of our fabulous engagement pics. I love these pics. There were taken by a man in our church Jerry Palmer of Jerry Palmer Images. He did our wedding pics too! 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whoo Doesn't love this owl earflap hat part 2

Well I had a goal of 10 owl hats this week just for extra inventory and to stock my boutiques. I've made seven but sold over half of them already! I really can't believe how well these sell. I decided to make some in new colors since I was getting bored making the same ones over and over and they are already a hit!

The first is the bright Colored Owl hat in  - Pink, Purple and Turquoise

The second is Self - Striping/variegated yarn- I loved the colors but am not usually a fan of variegated yarn. I was really pleased with the look it has with the owl hat.

I'll have a few new colors and styles to show soon! I love to customize too- just ask. These can come in any size  newborn to men/women's sizes. I can even make beanie style if you don't want earflaps or braids.

If you'd like to purchase just visit my artfire or etsy shop

Friday, October 15, 2010

Facebook Fan Sale

I've updated my de-stash sale photo album on Facebook! I have Bandana dresses, halloween & fall bows, clips, and crochet hats all on sale with free shipping! Come check it out before the items are gone!

Click here to save

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tag Along

Tuesday Tag-Along

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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Photography props and more

This past week I've been crocheting like crazy! I have got to get items for two boutiques and a small in home craft show I'll be a part of. Since I started my business after Christmas last year I think I'm in for a crazy couple of months and I'm so excited about it! I've always got something new in mind so I thought I'd get it out of my system this past week since I probably won't have a chance too. Here are new items that you will find in my Artfire shop very shortly!
Cupcake Earflap hat

Cluster Beanie in blue and grey

Cluster beanie in Red and white Sparkle

Hooded Cocoon

Textured newborn hat and matching diaper cover

What I'm determined to finish this week is a minimum of 10 extra owl hats and that's on top of everything else! So far it's looking bleak but with a little encouragement I think It'll happen! I've been trying to make one extras each time they're ordered but I can't keep up! I love it but I'm getting a little burt out on owl hats! They just take a longer to sew on all the extras, but by all mean I'd still love to make you one :)

what's on your hook?

Dorinda Varga Photography!

I love it when I get photographs to share that feature our Items! A few months back I met Dorinda Varga through Facebook. She's specializes in newborn photograpy! She loved my items and I loved her work. 

Here as some of the photos she has for me and more to come in the future! 

Thanks so much Dorinda! 

isn't this adorable! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yarn- How do I choose?

With all the yarn selections out there it can be a bit overwhelming at first if your new to crocheting or knitting. Most people when they start are likely first drawn in by a favorite color and the texture of the yarn.  I would also guess that they choose by price I know I did but as always you get what you pay for unless you found a great deal on sale or down the clearance isle. 

After crocheting a ton more this past year than ever before I've had the opportunity to try lots of different types, weights and brands. I thought I'd share a little bit about what I like, don't like and why. 

I do most my shopping at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and I've found that I love the store brand yarns over some of the bigger brand name yarns. 

I should mention first I have very sensitive skin. I can't crochet with Wool yarn at all unless it's a blend of  some sort.  It makes me itch and break out in hives. There are some acrylics I can't use either. 

For my Worsted Weight Yarn (4) I love Hobby Lobby's "I love this Yarn" acrylic yarn. It's so much softer than Vanna's Choice and Red Heart to me. It also seems a little thicker so generally I have to crochet a little tighter but I do that anyways.  I also like Simply Soft by Caron Yarn, but it's the opposite of the I love this yarn. I seems smaller to me so I have to crochet looser or go up a few hook sizes. I like the sheen of it but it's limited in color choices. 

For my Chunky yarn depending on the project I recently tried Michaels brand yarn of Loops & Thread and I'm in love with the Charisma yarn. It's so soft, squishy has a little shiny sheen to it. I also like their Country Loom Yarn which is similar to homespun by Lion brand. I think that the Country Loom is easier to crochet with. I use it for my hammocks, Kangaroo pouches and cocoons which are used to hang up for photo shoots and I feel better about the strength of the yarn. 

When it comes to cotton yarn I like sugar and cream by Lily but I Love this Cotton my Hobby Lobby is much softer. I think it crochets up a little different so really it just depends on my project for what I choose. I don't like the peaches and cream I got at Walmart. I seems crunchy to me and hard to work with. 

I've been noticing lots of my crocheting online friends trying the thick and thin yarn that is hand dyed and I'm "dying" to try it. I might spoil myself in the next few weeks!

I don't use only these yarns I've tried lots of others and it really just depends on my project. So What are your favorites? feel free to share your thoughts here. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink-a-Boo Pink Puppy

Meet Pink-a Boo The Amigurumi Crochet Puppy. This was my 2nd attempt at amigurumi which basically just means stuffed toy. My first attempt was a poodle several months back but I didn't realize how big it was when I started it and I got bored with it. After finishing this project I still don't like amigurumi crochet. Your probably thinking- "So if  I don't like it why did I do it?"

My inspiration for this puppy came from several ideas. I'm part of the Create Crochet Etsy Team and the monthly project challenge is Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I wanted to try something different &  I came across this adorable puppy pattern by Emily Premise-Conclusion on Ravelry and it was free. 
She has other cute amigurumi patterns in Ravelry for purchase that you might like to check out.

I needed pink so I went with hot pink and added a cute little black bow. I named her pink-a-boo puppy because my little Calleigh was playing peek-a-boo with the puppies big ears. It was pretty cute!

Pink-a-boo is for sale in my Etsy shop if your interested just click here!

On a different note as you may know my Grandmother is currently fighting Breast Cancer. She had her last Chemo treatment last week and we were so excited for all the progress she made. Things were looking up. Well at her last check up they found two more masses of cancer so we're back at square one. She's going to have surgery again and start the chemo over. Please keep her and the family in your prayers! She's in good spirits but it's a set back and that's just not fun. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'll smile for cookies

On this lovely fall day The weather is just perfect here in Oklahoma City today! After teaching piano lessons this morning I thought it was only fair to let the little ones and myself enjoy some backyard time! Which for me is just having fun snapping photos of the kids being cute. Of course I had to have a bribe! and I know I'd smile for cookies!

Etsy Love

I was excited to see our Cluster Beanie was featured in an Etsy Treasury! Have a look at all these lovely items. Thank you Michelle for the Feature! Michelle with By Your Side will be posting lots of Breast Cancer Awareness blogs this month check out the first week here

'Pretty In PINK!!' by ByYourSide2009

To help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month!Week One

Rose Quartz and Pin...

Blushing Silk Scarf...

Ready to Ship - WAR...

Eco Friendly Cup CO...

Shades of Pink Clus...

Cancer Survivor Ste...

BookMark for Boobs ...

Twisted Crochet Bra...

Help fight Breast ...

Pink and White Shel...

PK Key Fob - Wrist ...

Survivor Hand Stamp...

Customizable Memori...

Pink Heart Charm An...

Cancer Awareness Je...

Pink Dichroic Breas...