Monday, September 29, 2014

Zazzle Review and Giveaway!

I just discovered Zazzle!! They like to make your unique visions come to life! 

Did you know some of my favorite crochet buddies have some Zazzle swag! 
Check out the crochet and yarn goodness in storefronts 
(had to get crochet in the post somehow right!) 

Are you a techy? Do you have to get the latest gadgets? I'm not! LOL. 
However I'm so super thankful for them because I can get my work done from virtually anywhere! My hubby however is an Apple fanatic so of course he recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus. Yikes I have to say that is a big phone. Finding just the right case for these new iphones isn't always easy especially if you are picky, but we recently discovered this awesome site called Zazzle where you can choose from 100s of unique quality case or even more fun a custom case. 

Since the case was going to be hubby's phone I let him pick one out. 
Now there is a story behind this case. He used to ref roller derby and they are called 
zebras so he picked out this silly case just for fun! 

This is an iPhone 6 plus Case-mate tough case. The phone fit perfectly in the case which has a hard sturdy shell but also has a soft shock absorbent liner! My hubby has broken a few iPhones so durability is important. You can also purchase a barely there case for a few bucks less if you do not want it so "tough".  The case is perfectly cut so you can get to all your sensors, ports and controls. The case is not super heavy and does not seem to add to much weight or bulk to the phone. The rubber liner gives a nice grip around the phone so it is not super slick. It is also raised a bit so your screen does not hit directly on surfaces to help prevent scratching.

The printed image is great. Not smeary and does not scratch off. The picture clear with vibrant color and trendy! The case it self has a glossy finish. 

The cases ship super fast and are printed in the USA! The price is worth the great customization options! Zazzle is always having great sales too. So be sure to see what sales they have going on so you can get savings! 

I wanted to customize a cool yarn or crochet related case! Which you can do! It is super easy to add a picture or your own text. You can view it as you create it! No surprises here. Maybe I will design a special case with my logo or business card info on it! Makes it great for designing marketing products! 

Want a chance to win $25.00 credit 
towards your next purchase!! 

Just vist on over to Zazzle look through the cases and let me know which one you would choose or maybe tell me how you would customize one!

Just leave a comment on the blog with your full name! 

This Giveaway will end Wed Oct 1, 2014 Midnight Central! 
Winner will be posted on this post on Thursday Oct 2nd! 

Shop Custom iPhone 6 Cases

Please Note: This is a sponsored post and does contain affiliate links. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pattern Review : Rolling In The Deep Infinity Cowl

Yay! It's finally Fall! One of my favorite times of the year. Time to pull out the boots, scarves and hats! If you love warm fuzzy infinity cowls I have a great one for you! 

First of all this fabulous pattern is a freebie! The pattern very well written. 
It's actually a very easy pattern too once you get the rhythm of the chevron down. If you've never done a chevron stitch design then this would be a great starter because you are going to do it a lot for the short rows! 

The cowl is super long, but I love that. It can be worn in a number of ways, which you can find on Cre8tion Crochet's Blog post. I have mine wrapped 3 times in the pictures. 

I got distracted by other projects so I've been working on it in-between when I could. 
Took me about a week, but I bet you could whip it out in a couple days. 

I used Hobby Lobby's Effervesce in the color ways - Shadow and Petal. Just one skien of each was plenty.  I just adore pink and grey together. 

The Effervesce yarn is soo super soft and slightly fuzzy. It was nice to work with but not fun to unravel if you messed up on a stitch a few rows back (oops). It doesn't seem to leave little fuzzy's on your clothing though which is nice so you don't look like an animal shed on you. (LOL) 
 I hope it doesn't pill but it might. Just the nature of the yarn. 

Note that I did use an H- 5.00mm hook instead of the suggest to match gauge with this yarn and my tension. The scarf came out perfect! 

The pattern would be really easy to adjust if you wanted it shorter too! I just really liked the options with the long scarf! Just perfect for me. 

I look forward to it getting cooler so I can wear it! It's going to be a go to scarf for sure! 
I'm already thinking of making another one with different yarn in black and white or another neutral like tan since Zebra print is so in this fall! 

What do you think? Would you make it? What Colors would you choose? 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Free Crochet Pattern : Decorative Pumpkin Headpiece for Small Cats, Dogs or Stuffed Toys

Last week I got a fun custom order for some cat hats! Yes cat hats! Call me crazy but I like a challenge! Usually I leave the animal design to my awesome, super talented mom over at Posh Pooch Designs but this person found me first through my devil headband and cape set on Etsy and wanted something similar for her cat.  She gave me some measurements and I went from there freestyle. I made her a devil and unicorn headpiece. Aren't they so silly, but so cute! 
I'm allergic to cats so my kids shared their stuffed babies to model them for you. LOL! 

I thought this simple design would be fun to share with you since it can be used for small cats, dogs or as I will use them, for extra accessories for my kids stuffed animals! (they have way to many) 

I decided since it's just about fall that a pumpkin headpiece would be just right! 
I may design a few more seasonally but we'll see. 

I hope you enjoy the pattern! 

Decorative Pumpkin Headpiece

Sized for 2-3 inches between the ears and about 10-12 inches around the head

F - Hook 3.75
Worsted Weight Yarn of choice - Orange and Green 

*Chain stitch does not count in stitch count!
*The number at the end of each row is the stitch count for the row (#).

Terms and Stitches: 
*R - row or round
*ch - chain
*sc - single crochet
*sl st - slip stitch
*st - stitch

R1: Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, join with sl st to 1st sc (6) 
R2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join with sl st to 1st sc (12)
R3: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (18)
R4: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc 2) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (24)
R5: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc 3) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (30)
R6: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc 4) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (36) 

Piece should measure approx 2 1/2 inches across.
R 7&8 will form the ear holes and ties

R7: Ch 24, sk 6 sts, sl st in next st, sc in next 11 sts, sl st in next st, ch 24, 
sk 6 sts, sl st in next st, sc in remaining st to beginning ch-24, DO NOT JOIN

R8: sc in next 12 chs, ch 46, sl st in 2nd ch from the hook and next 45 chs, sc in next 12 chs, 
sl st in next 12 sts, sc in next 12 chs, ch 46, sl st in 2nd ch from the hook and next 45 chs, 
sl st in remaining sts to 1st sc, Fasten off and weave in ends. 

Stem and Spiral Vine

R1: Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, join with a sl st to 1st sc (6)
R2-4: Ch 1, sc in each sc around, join with a sl st to 1st sc (6)
R5: Ch 11, 2 sc in 2nd ch from the hook and each ch across, join to next sc with sl st
Fasten off but leave a long tail. Sew stem to center of hat or as desired. 

Image used with permission from Posh Pooch Designs.
She tested it for me!  Modeled by Max. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Freebie pattern for one day only!!

As part of our 15K Facebook Fan Celebration! Yesterday I asked you to vote on a freebie pattern for the day! The decision wasn't hard and won by a long shot! You all picked Shellby the Turtle Lovey! 

I love my turtles! Shellby is my turtle mascot that you see in my logo! He has a special place in my heart and my turtles are what really made my business flourish! Who would have thought a turtle cape pattern would be viral and become by far my best seller! It's still going strong after all this time!! 

Anywho! I know you're here for a the freebie but I wanted to also remind you that today is also the last day of our huge 75% off patterns sale! That means all patterns are 1.49 or less until midnight central time. 

You can get the coupon code for the 75% off sale  Raverly HERE.
(this isn't the freebie code-scroll down for that one!)

To access your free pattern you simply just need to click the link below. It will auto add the pattern to your cart and add the coupon code! 
This will only be free Wed Sept 17, 2014 11 Am - Thurs. Sept 18,  2014 11 AM (24 hrs)
After that it will be reg. $4.50

Be sure to sign into Ravelry too so that you can save it in your library because if you don't sign in I can't verify your purchase if you ever lose the pattern. 

Thank you again for being a fan and celebrating with us! Oh and be sure to share blog link to this freebie so people don't miss out! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What will you choose for free?

To continue on with our 15K Facebook Celebration I want you to choose which pattern should be free for a day? You have all day today to vote and tomorrow the top choice will be free all day Wed (Sept 17th)!!! 

I picked out 4 unique options! 

Thick and Thin Beanie

Which pattern should be free for a day? free polls 

(FYI-I"m having technical difficulty with this poll.  The Vote and View button won't show..arg!
 So you can vote here if it doesn't show for you :) 

Vote today!!! 

Don't forget about our 75% off sale in Raverly too! 

Thank you so much to those that have already purchased! For link and coupon code just click on over to the sale post HERE! I can't wait to see what you choose! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

15,000 Facebook Fan Celebration!

WOW! I can't hardly believe it! In just a few short months Calleigh's Clips will have been in business for five years! We just rolled 15K Facebook fans and I think that is just amazing. 

 It's already time for busy season so I know that you would love to get a deal on a whole bunch of patterns to help keep you busy! I'm about to tell you about a steal of a deal. I've never done this and honestly it's a little hard for me to but I think we can both benefit from this! 

(coupon code and link at bottom of post!) 

I'm going to be open on honest with you! Business isn't as busy for me as it was a few years ago. Some of that is partially due to me taking a step back the last 8 months but I knew that is what I was supposed to do for my family and for me! It was the best decision, but that took a bit of a hit for our finances. God has provided in so many ways and I'm thankful. Unfortunately we can't seem to hit a break about not needing to visit the emergency room or hospital visits over the summer.
 I can count on both hands!!! I'm out of fingers :(  

 My little man fell at the playground this summer and broke his elbow and had to have surgery and those bills are coming in. WOW! Yikes! 

My sweet hubby sliced open two different fingers two different times while helping my bro with his Jeeps. 

I had to have a planned proceeder done that unfortunately my insurance doesn't completly cover.  

My sweet Calleigh well she's going to need her eyes checked. 
She ran very hard into a wall the other day! She is fine but that bump and black eye wasn't pretty. 

A little too much excitement in the last few months. 

 We are doing great and everyone is okay, 
but we really need to make some extra money to pay for these unexpected doctor bills, 
boy did they add up fast! Lets just say $6,000 to $8,000 after insurance. 

So all my patterns are on sale for 3 days for $1.50 or less! 75% off. 
That's like 10 patterns for $15.00 or less! 

I like to dream big and say if 1/2 of my fans bought one pattern this would be covered and God can work miracles but Facebook won't share with everyone and well if I did sell that many I would be surprised because that would be one awesome sale. Is it possible? Well only you make it possible! 

So I'm hoping  that with the great deal maybe you will share it with all your crochet friends too and help out a fellow crochet mom just like you! 

So visit on over to: 
use the code 15KCCCC at check out! 

Go wild! Buy a bunch and if you can't spend a $1-2 then be sure to watch for some freebies coming or just be so kind as to share the sale! 

Thank you in advance! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Thursday Yarn Talk - Offshore Beanie

Offshore Beanie Review! 

I looove Playin' Hooky Designs! I found Liz back when I first started on Etsy in a Crochet Etsy Team. I don't know her personally but I sure would like to meet her some day. If I would have planned ahead this summer while in Colorado I could have! We visited the same yarn shop!! LOL. She is a great designer and super unique. I probably have about 10 of her patterns and I like them all!  

The Offshore Beanie popped up in my news feed and my hubby saw it! He's like " You need that pattern! Can you make it for me?" Me - "of course I can!" I don't need an excuse to try a new pattern. 

So I gladly made the purchase. I was excited because the stitching looked fun and unique. The hardest part was just picking out the colors. I went with Vanna's Choice because no matter what the colors always work together and I have ton of it. I picked some darker "manly" shades and I like how it came out! Hubby loves his new hat but he doesn't like to do pics so I'll be your model today :) 

The pattern is well written. Lots of pics, stitch explanations and tutorials to help you through. It also has an option for a slouch or beanie. I love slouchy!! 
It's not as complicated as it might look. It was simple and worked up fairly quickly too. 

You can find it in Adult size & Kids size
If you like the stitch then you may want to check out the darling leg warmers and dress too!  

So check out her designs! You will love them all! 

Side Note: 
Yes I know it's Friday! I've been working hard on trying to blog at least two days a week since school started but yesterday I blogged about my new pattern release and kinda forgot it was Thursday!

 Did you see it? If not click here. If you tried to use the coupon link yesterday and it didn't work. I didn't realize I had the wrong link soooo. It's working now!
 Thanks for everyone that has picked it up so far! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Crochet Pattern - King of the Jungle

New Crochet Cape Set! 

Can you believe that I've not done a new cape set this year! That's just wrong because that is what I'm known for. If you think I'm out of ideas you are wrong! I have a notebook full of more fun ideas! 

This sweet new set is called the King of the Jungle - Lion Cuddle Critter Cape Set

"Don't you have a Lion Set?" - Well yes I did! It is now re-tired. Unfortunately the perfect yarn I used for the Loopy Lion it is now re-tired completely. I tried a few other types similar but none just worked for me. So that pattern is not longer available. 

Meet the New Lion Set! 

This New Lion Set is in 0-3 mo. and 3-6 mo. sizes. 
Featuring a fun mini crown and simple collar for the mane. 
As usual the set works up so super fast like most my other cape sets. 
I love the simplicity of the baby prop as to not take away to much from the darling 
babies that will wear it for those sweet baby pics! 

So you want a steal of a deal???? 

Maybe you already have the previous lion pattern and just want the new details.
 He has new improved ears, crown, tail and mane and the new 3-6 sizing.

Maybe you want a chance to try one of my critter cape patterns and you never have? 

To kickstart part of my 15K Facebook fans (almost there) 

I'm offering this pattern for...... $1.50 yep that's it! Reg $5.95

This offer is only good through this post! 


This deal will run Thurs. Sept 11 - Sat. Sept 13th
Ending Midnight Central

 I hope you enjoy this deal! I have so much more excitement to come next week because I know we'll hit our goal over the weekend! Just keep sharing with your crochet buddies because you won't want to miss the BEST SALE EVER!! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Freebie Friday

Our Facebook page is nearing 15K fans! I want to have a huge celebration so I thought we would kick start it off by offering a freebie for 24 HOURS ONLY. 

I'm going to giveaway my newest design the RIOS SLOUCH

This promotion is only good 
Fri Sept 5, 2014 at Noon Central, Ending Sat. Sept 6, 2014 at Noon Central 
Reg. $4.50

All you have to do is click the link below. It will auto add it to your Raverly Cart and enter the Secret Coupon Code for you. All I ask is that you share the promotion with your crochet friends so they don't miss out on this fun deal! 

I hope you enjoy the Freebie and I look forward to more Freebies, Sales and Surprises in the coming weeks of September! We'll just call it the delayed B-day celebrations I ran out of time to do last month. Thanks so much for being a fan of Calleigh's Clips and making my business possible! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Yarn Talk - Unforgettable

I love trying new yarns. I've seen lots of gorgeous projects lately using Red Heart Boutique's Unforgettable. The colors are lovely. I was drawn to the Fall colors of the color way Sunrise with it's Jewel toned brown, oranges, reds and deep blues. The yarn is soft and silky feeling even though it's just acrylic. 

I had a pattern I wanted to make. I recieved it at when I went to my local yarn shop for a knit/crochet in night. Someone won a kit but she didn't crochet so she kept the yarn and gave me the pattern. You are in luck though because I found it on Raverly and it's a free pattern.  It's called the 
Cloudgate Cowl. It's a freebie from Cascade yarns.  

I love the texture of the stitching and the fun ripple. The colors just pop with it! It's a cozy little cowl and doesn't take to much time to work up! The pattern was great. I just would have preferred stitch counts on the rows but once I got it figured out then it was all good. Some times with the ripple stitch it's easy to miss or get and extra stitch and I had to frog several rows because I messed up. It's happens.  It's worked flat, back and forth and then you sew it together for the cowl. I think you could easily make it with a chunky yarn for a nice thick warm cowl and it would still come out a good size! I think I shall try that next! 

What do you think of this yarn? Have you made a project with it?