Friday, February 7, 2014

I've lost 25 Skeins of Yarn

If you haven't noticed I went from blogging daily (I was in a challenge) to not blogging at all! I learned a lot through the blog challenge and it was great but as I was setting all those amazing goals I realized I needed to set personal goals too. Those personal goals have become my number one priority and crochet has taken a bit of a back seat for the moment. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere I just need to change things up a bit to get life back moving in the right direction. 

I'm working on being a better Wife and Mother and I'm also working on my health! I posted a few weeks back I was going to start working out and I have. I have more confidence, I feel better and I'm so excited about what the rest of this year holds. 

So far I've lost 11 pounds. That over 25 skeins of I Love this yarn LOL! (Had to work crochet in the post some how!) 

I can't hardly sit still anymore. I get all jittery and feel the need to move it, move it! 

I've started training for a 5K I just finished up week two of couch to 5K. I also workout at home with my x box kinect. I have a crazy fun zubma workout (i'm a terrible dancer by the way) and another work out with Jillian Michael's. I try to change it up and work on different things each day so I don't get board. 

I learned that I love to run again. I should have already known that because I used to run all the time. I could barely run for seconds a few weeks ago let alone what I'm doing now. I'm getting stronger and feeling so much better. I've changed up my diet a lot and my body went through detox. I don't need coffee to wake up. I exercise and stretch! 

I just wanted to say all that to encourage you! Turn off that TV, put down that hook and get up and turn on some music and move! You can do! I look forward to sharing my progress! I have a lot to lose still but so much greatness to gain.  With encouragement, determination, and God I know I can do this!