Crochet Videos and Tutorials

Welcome to my page of Crochet Videos and Tutorials! I'm not good at videos yet but I you want to learn something and get a good laugh I think you'll enjoy my approach. I only have one so far but I have more in mind as I find time.

Video : My First Project is for learning how to do chain stitch through our work to create letters on our superhero cuddle critter cape. This can be used to make letters, numbers, shaped, vines and more when you want to add more details!

How to chain stitch through your work 

Crochet Popcorn Stitch Tutorial

How to work FPDC and BPDC Stitches

How to work a Crossed Double Crochet Stitches


brenda said...

thank you so much for this tutorial!!!

Nora MacPhail said...

Thank you, thank you!

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