Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer CAL- Crochet Scalloped Top - Week 2

I hope you're excited for Week 2 of our Summer CAL. I know many of you have dived right in and might already have week 2 done but many have had questions so I hope that this blog post will help you complete this weeks section. 

If you are just joining us there is plenty of time to participate, because week one was just gathering supplies and getting to know the pattern. Click week 1 below for full details and tips we discovered to help you along the way! 

Week 1

Week 2 -  Back and Sleeves finished this week. 
Week 3 - Front and Sleeves (same as the back)
Week 4 - Finishing, joining and shaping shoulders. 

Here is my completed back. I've run into a small snag though. While my length is long enough my width is short by about 10 inches. I tend to crochet tight and have issues with Simply Soft so I'm sure it's just me. I'm going to make the front larger and that should give me the room I need so it's not tight. I'll be sure to let you know how I adjust when I get there. It shouldn't be to hard. 

I've had a lot of questions on the sleeves. So I thought I'd take pics and see if I can help explain it a little further than the pattern. 

If you look at the sleeves it says to join to the left end of last row. My hook is showing were you should be joining and ch 14. 

Close up of what the ch 14 should look like. 

The image below I have my back scrunched up but you'll see the ch 14 & ch 18 on the opposite end. 

note that even though it's ch 18, 4 ch's count as a dc & ch1. I'll explain that further below. 

When you move onto the the "next" row you'll need to look back to the setup row (when you worked in ch's) and a combination of row 1 of back. You'll need to keep the same pattern you had doing the back. It should match up all the same. If you need further help just ask in one of our group and we'll help you out! 

 This image shows what the "next" row on the sleeves should look like. 

I started a group via Raverly for those that don't do Facebook! We'd love to have you join so you can share your CAL progress, pictures, ask questions and just chat crochet. Anyone is welcome! 

Have fun!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer CAL - Crochet Scalloped Top

With the official start of summer of Friday I thought we should kick it off right with a fun summer Crochet Along. Crochet Tops are all the rage this season and I've been wanting to make one. I got a newsletter from the Caron Website with a pattern I knew I had to try. It's free so anyone can grab it up!

So I thought I might not be motivated to get it done. I've only made one garment top once for myself and it turned out okay but this might be a little different. So I thought it would be fun to have you crochet it with me. We can learn and help each other along the way! 

This CAL will be a little laid back. There are sizes for just about everyone and honestly I think it would be easy to adjust for larger sizes by going up a hook size or too.

Week 1- Jun 18th - Jun 24th  

Get together your supplies-
1. Print or download the pattern and read through it.
2. Measure and decide which size to make. (see my notes below)
3. Pick out your yarn and make a gauge swatch!!
4. Last but not least work the starter row and at least Row 1

Notes I made when working through Week 1

Selecting yarn :
Simply soft runs more like a light worsted so be sure that the yarn and hook you use match the gauge. This is particularly important went making a garment, because we want it to fit right. Don't feel stuck to one color. Maybe do stripes or come up with some fun color combos.

Measuring for size: 

I'm going to be honest here. I'm a plus size gal. I generally where a 1X or 2X depends on the brand. My bust is about a 45 so when I saw the sizes of the pullover were 40 (small) - 72 (2x) I though man that is going to be really big….. So I'm bravely just going to make the 1X for fear 2x will be huge….but with these measurements I think I could make the Large and be okay. 

Thank you Nichole for pointing out-a note about the bust....I barely caught this at the end of the measurements given.  You will add 6-10" to your normal bust size for the "ease"...the 6-10" extra makes sure the garment is loose-fitting.

This is my first real crochet garment so lets learn together :) Hopefully these will fit LOL! Of course I think we do want it wide enough on the bottom to fit my hips so that might have something to do with the size since I don't think it increases on the bottom. I may even figure out hope to put a band on the bottom rows for a better fit. We'll see when I get that far :) 

I decided to just use Simply Soft. It was one sale and I fell in love with a gorgeous Jewel tone color called Pagoda. Here is a image of what you should have at the end of week one. 

We will be sharing our progress and asking questions in our crochet group on facebook. 

It's a closed group but just send a request and you're more than welcome in. 

I hope you'll join us! I'm excited to see everyones progress and good luck! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little Purse Project

So one of my goals is to use some of the skeins of yarn I've bought just because and never used.
I have a lot of those though so we'll see how many projects I can get done haha!

I actually got this yarn for free! When Caron 1st introduced there Spa and Country yarn lines (now discontinued) they mailed out a free skien if you signed up. I ended up buying a few more and did use them but still have two of this color. I don't know the name because no wrapper but it's a unique soft melon/peachy/pink color.

The yarn is a 3 weight and very soft. I though it would make a great purse! When I was in high school I remember having a couple of purses "the sak" I loved them and I think they still make them They are crochet purses. This kinda what I drew inspiration from and what the finished project reminds me of.

There is no pattern for this I just winged it and let the hook do the walking! I wished I'd done more of a rounder bottom but that's okay. Would you believe me the queen of "I Love my 10mm N hook" used a D hook to make this! I wanted super tight stitches so I wouldn't have to line it. I still may though.

I decided it needed a flap. I also put the yarn inside so I could see how much would fit inside. 
It's bigger than my ipad mini. I can carry that, my phone, and a small wallet so it's just the perfect small purse size for me. 

This is the finished project!

I really like the way it turned out! It took me about a week off an on since I was creating as I went and that tiny hook! The texture and look of it are great! I have a feeling my 4 year old Calleigh will steal it though. Its just her size! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kitchen Cotton Creations

Right before our big move I purchased a large ball of cotton yarn on a whim with a 50% coupon at Joann's. It was Bernats Handicrafter cotton. I hadn't used it before but I really like this cotton. I usually only used Lily's Sugar and Cream but it's not my favorite to work with. I wanted to make some new dishcloths and other items for my new kitchen. I found some really fun projects and I'm going to share them with links to the free patterns I used.

Here is everything I made. 
5 dishcloths -3 different varieties, a pot holder, a towel holder and a loverly center piece. 

Really simple pattern, quick and easy! 

Towel holder  I kinda made on my own but I was inspired from this pattern 

I love this dishcloth. It has a great texture and works up really nicely! 

This one was really textured with post stitches but I can't for the life of me find the pattern I used...ack!
Sorry! I will post it when I find it. 

 These three dish clothes were just made with sc stitches in rows. Nothing special, Just used up the rest of what I had left. 

Last but not least! I've not done any pineapple patterns but when I saw this I knew I had to make it.  This one turned out gorgeous. It was supposed to be a placemat but it was really big so I decided it was a perfect center piece for my tiny table. I think these would be gorgeous in any colors. Might even remake it with thicker yarn and bigger hook for a pretty rug for my new crafty loft

What kind of kitchen creations have you made? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Under the Sea Design Contest Winners

Thanks so much for all your amazing entries! We had over 50! You can view all the entries in this facebook album here. 10 Winners were randomly selected over at Each winner will win one free pattern of choice from me. Winners have 48 hrs to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen. To claim your prize you can use the contact tab on the blog, email me or msg me on my facebook page. Thank you! 

1.  Contest Entry by April's Crochet Creations photo by Kristina Marie Photography

2.  Mermaid submission by : Martha Nunn

3. Mermaid submission by : Caprice Creations

4. Contest Entry by Niccupp Crochet

5.  Contest Entry by Chelsea Howell

6. Christy Pruett of Christy's Handmade Creations

7. Contest Entry by Rebecca Carrier
8. Contest Entry by : Amanda Stevens, Owner/Designer

9. Memaw's Original Crochet" by Stacey Ricks Breshears

10. Mermaid submission by : knits and knots by frances