Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Knitter's Pride Waves Crochet Hooks Review

If you don't already know I love working with large hooks and chunky yarn! I like fast projects that work up in a pinch! Normally when you shop for crochet hooks in larger sizes, say anything above K (6.00mm) you'll find plastic hooks! I cannot stand plastic. I have a set of Glitter plastic hooks and while they look pretty I don't like working with them. I didn't find much success finding aluminum hooks in the larger sizes until I got a recommendations from a friend a few months back! 

I'd heard of Knitter's Pride Knitting Needles but didn't realize they had hooks too! I was thrilled that they had hooks up to size 12.00 all Aluminum. 

They are priced amazingly at $3.49-$4.59. Under $5.00 a hook for larger hooks! That's good in my book! You can find these in the Webs Online Store.  I purchased K, L, M, N, & 12.00mm  the shipping wasn't bad either and they came in the mail quickly.

The handles are comfy and grippy! The shaft seems short from the hook to handle but doesn't really bother me. It was just different for me at 1st. The head is tapered and shaped more like Boye hooks (my preference) If you are a Bates hook lover you may not like these. I've crochet several items with these hooks already and I did't notice anything strange with gauge being off. 
 I would highly recommend these! 

My favorite hooks by far are still Tulip Emito hooks! I have the whole set just wish they made bigger than a J Hook. I actually have the Silver Set but I really want this Rose set! So pretty! Not that I need it I just um...need it! LOL.

What's your favorite type of hook? 

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Amy B Stitched said...

I definitely prefer the tapered Boye hooks also!! I bought two sets of glitter plastic ones (I think they were Red Heart Brand), large and small sets. All of the small ones snapped on me. The smallest of the large set snapped and the others just didn't feel right. Definitely prefer the aluminum hooks. Bamboo are nice too!

Anonymous said...

They look nice! I love working with rosewood hooks, but these look like something I would like to try!!

Henriette S-Hansen said...

They look similar to the one I have from Lana Grossa. Haven't tried it yet though.
There are SO many different hooks I would like to have lol.. and I don't need them either. I'll just go with the "it works better with that particular yarn so I need it" excuse.

Rebeckah said...

If I had access to chunky yarn, I would definitely need a set of those hooks! I also prefer the tapered Boye hooks. However, I hardly get to use mine as I am always working with cotton thread, and the small steels hooks are best for those projects. Of course, you have never have too many crochet hooks! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh those look nice. I have an M maplewood and a K aluminum. I used to have a plastic Q but have no idea what I did with it. LOL Craftwich just sent an L and I really like work with that one. I'm a Bates girl for anything larger than an I.

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