Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Need to Organize?

After I posted all those 2014 goals I have yesterday I think I forgot one goal! Now that the crazy holiday season is past it might be time to tackle my craft room! It's a bit of a disaster and took quite a hit! I have yarn everywhere, unorganized. I have random projects laying about that need to be finished or find new homes. 

(I will be posting a de-stash sale soon as I get organized, items and maybe yarn, if I can bare to part with it. {raise a hand if your a yarn hoarder}) 

When we moved in May/June I was so excited about this space. So much room and I was going to keep it top notch! See it looks so nice here. Everything had a place! 

Now look at this disaster! Inside of some of those cubbies are yarn tornados! I really need to wind some of my partially used skeins! 

My desk is usually clean. I do all my shipping here! Labels, packaging and organizing! 
(Although someone should really take out all that paper trash by the desk...)

For Christmas I did do a little shopping with Thrity-One! I have lots totes and more fun items from them and I love it! 
I got this hanging organizer to help me better keep track of orders, receipts, patterns (which I rarely print) and many other things. I'm going to add a calendar and labels that will help me better plan. I usually just fly by the seat of the pants but I think with a little organization and planning this can be an awesome 2014. 

So how is your crafty space? Does it need help? I'm going to make a post on my Facebook page and I want you to share a picture of how you organize? If you don't have Facebook just post a pic to twitter instagram and tag  #Calleighsclips (that's my name for both) I can't wait to see your pics and tips! 


Unknown said...

Oh yes, my design space looks like a hurricane has ripped through it. I am slowly but surely working my way through it though. It's a bit overwhelming if I tell myself I have to get it all done at once, but if I break it down, it'll be much easier!

Rebeckah said...

I have a much smaller craft space. Although lots of things are neatly organized into little boxes and bags, my current WIP's always end of spread all over the place along with all my little notebooks. I am definitely a yarn hoarder. I keep even the smallest strands of yarn thinking I can use them sometime, but I never do. lol

Posh Pooch Designs said...

1st off my hand is raised, I too am a yarn hoarder. @ndly, I also need to get more organized. (hanging head in shame). :)

Anonymous said...

I have a very small space now that my son has moved back. That is part of the reason I am doing so many scrap buster projects.

Amy B Stitched said...

we are living in our fifth wheel full time on the coastal bend of South Texas so space is VERY limited....but I'm in the same boat as things got WAY out of hand during the Christmas stitching frenzy!! This has given me some good ideas to get myself more organized!

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