Thursday, June 18, 2015

Adventure of Dyeing My Own Natural Fiber Purple and Blue

So if you follow me on Pinterest you may notice I've been pinning some fun crazy hair dye jobs. I've had it on my summer bucket lists since 2014 to have purple highlights but didn't really know if I could pull it off. I decided now was the time! I started to do my research on how to do it properly myself because I just couldn't afford to have it done by my amazing hair stylist! She may kill me when she finds out I did it but got to do what you can to make it happen right? Good news is I didn't destroy it so I don't need a fix.....yet.....LOL! Don't worry I'll visit for a cut soon and feel free to lecture me on the damage I've done. :) 


After - no filter just a cell phone selfie :) 

So I talked to hubby and he was all for it and he said he would help if I let him pick out the colors. That had me nervous because he isn't afraid to be adventurous but this is my hair. We made a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up a kit to bleach my hair because my hair is dark and it would need to be lightened, and went with Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permenatnt dye in Radiant Orchid and Cyan. With what we picked up it was around $20.00. 

gorgeous colors!! 

I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do as for the dye job but we decided to do it the old fashion way with a cap and hook 1st time around just to be safe. 
(see I'd find a way to make this a crochet post. 
Another way to use a hook....LOL) 

The process took a while but hubby and I had fun! The dye job turned out more lovely than I imagined and I may have created a monster of wanting to use other fun colors. 

The Ion dye seemed to work very well. I've read a lot of reviews some good and some bad, and ways to make the color last and it's been about a week. Should last about 2-4 if treated properly. 

So here is the picture process. 

Waiting for the bleach process - waited a while I think like 30 minutes
hmm now I thinking I should go blond.....? no..

color craziness- waiting at least 90 minutes some say 3-4 hrs or even over night but I didn't want to mess with that. 

It was after midnight when I finally rinsed and dried, so I'd have to wait till morning to get a good pic in the sunlight. 

So I absolutely love it! I would say the cyan is more green than I hoped but with some of the blue mixed on purple I got shades of pink/purple/blue/green and some golden yellow from other accidentally bleached spots! I ended up with rainbow hair! It's so pretty in person! 

This was after one washing! Still have pretty color! So what do you think of my dyeing adventure? Would you do it? What color would you love to do! I'm kinda tempted to dye all my hair radiant orchid or do like the underneath half of it we'll see what craziness I come up with next! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

June Stitch Fix Review

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? Since loosing weight I've basically emptied my closet of things to wear. I live in workout clothes! 

I said when I hit my goal weight I'd go shopping. That was in April. I've tried a few times but with kids in tow I don't usually get to look long. Trying on clothes that end up not fitting is a hassle.  I have trouble putting outfits together. I'm kinda picky and it becomes a very overwhelming process for me.
 I also don't like shopping alone. Is that weird?!? 
Some times I just need a 2nd opinion. 
I miss shopping with my mom! 
Of course it's probably saved me lots of money haha!

 A few of my friends told me about Stitch Fix and I thought I'd give it a try. Stitch Fix is a clothing service that is mailed to you. You pay a $20 style fee and fill out a very detailed survey about you, your body type, what you like, price ranges and then can make a pinterest board of inspiration. They review it all and then send you a box with 5 items.

 You keep what you want and send back the rest in the return envelope they provide but, if you keep it all you get a 25% discount. 
Plus your $20 styling fee is applied to what you purchase! 

You don't have to do it monthly either. Maybe you just want it seasonally or for a special occasion. You get to decided. 
So I like the flexibility! 

My 1st box arrived today! I was very skeptical upon opening it! 
I'm in love with every item in the box. 
This is going to get me in trouble! LOL! 

I'm no model but here goes nothing :) 

Pieces #1 & 2 

I love this outfit! This is a Bastille Black Tulip Sleeve Blouse. It's light weight, airy and pairs greatly with the Emer Printed Straight Leg Pants! I thought the pants were going to be too small and I was sad because I wanted some fun dressy spring pants but they fit perfect for my body type! What?!? I mean how many pants have I tried on that I hate! My new favorite dressy outfit! Oh and the pants are soo comfy! The pants are a little long but go great with heals and I could probably just roll them some for flats or sandals. 
They feel like leggings but more flattering and a thicker fabric not that cheap stretch stuff. 
I mean how cute is this! 
I love the top because it's great mix and match piece that can be paired a million different ways. 

Piece # 3
I was drawn to this Colibri Floral Print Sleeveless Top right away! The fabric is a flowy fabric, orange with grey flowers! I love the color combo. The cut of the top is great. It's a little longer in the back than the front which is great for me! It's a flattering fit and color. Plus it can be casual or dressed up. 

Pieces # 4 & 5
Now this Rachel Maxi Dress is amazing! I Love the pinky/purple chevron print! The dress has wider straps, not to low cut in the front and flattering waist line. I also loved that it's partially lined!! It's not to thin of a fabric either! It's made well and oh so comfy! It's going to be my new favorite go to dress! I would wear it as is but if it's chilly I could simply add on the Dark Wash Denim Jacket I got as my final piece. I loved the jacket too but it's a little tight in the upper arms. I figure it's denim and it will stretch, plus I'm still toning and losing weight and I need a new denim jacket. 

Another great thing they include is style cards! That way you can try to make other outfits with items you may have or can build upon the piece you got! I love that! Sometimes I'm not great at mixing and matching so that helps so much!

So I wasn't going to keep the jean jacket but it's actually cheaper if I do because of the 25% discount if I buy it all. So I'm just jumping in and keeping it all! I think.........

The floral pants are very pricey and would be a splurge but I loove them!  I have 3 days to decide. I'm going to double check with hubby and see if he likes it all. Then make my final decision on Monday! I think it will be good to sit on it a few days. Just incase it's just the excitement. Trying to spend wisely too! So what do you think?!? 
Would you want to try it? 

I'm completely pleased with my 1st box. Still can't believe it all fit. If you want to give it a try just click on over to Stitch Fix

UPDATE: I actually only kept the Maxi dress! While I loved everything after trying it on again I just wasn't feeling the florals and I have a black shirt very similar to the one sent. I've worn the maxi dress several times and its been great go to dress! 

While I do have some affiliate links in my posts. 
I'm not being paid to tell about Stitch Fix
This is my real genuine review of my 1st box. 
If you sign up and order your 1st box I will receive a $25.00 credit! 
So will you give it a try! I think you would love it!! OH and If you like any of these outfits feel free to pin the images for your stylists or own inspiration.