Monday, April 25, 2011

New Yarn, Creations and Ideas!

Hi, I've been a good girl and not bought anymore thick n' thin handspun and hand dyed yarn in a while. I love the yarn and it's always so lovely and fun to work with. I've justified it in my mind once I made money back from my original purchase I would let myself buy more. That was made easy when I wrote out my simple Thick N' Thin NB Beanie pattern

I can't believe how popular this pattern has been and with buying more of this yarn I plan to write out a few more patterns like a pixie/stocking cap, gnome hat, chin strap  hat and a few other things in mind.

I've only bought yarn from one seller and I just really love the colors she has to offer. Her shop is Ilashdesigns  -

I ordered -  Tea Party , Squirtguns andWoodland Faerie. 
I'm so excited to work with these today! 

Over the weekend I made up this adorable unicorn. My own design! 
I just love the Rainbow mane and tan horn. 
What do you think?

I also finished up the zebra hat and cuddle critter cape! Isn't this just adorable! 

I'm so excited because my photographer was able to do three newborn sessions this weekend and is in process of editing photos of them in some of my cuddle critter capes and other hats. I'm thrilled with the sneak peaks she's teased me with and can't wait to share them with you soon.

On a side note I only have one more week of Piano lessons, a recital and some finals to test the following week and schools out for summer! I'm thrilled to get to focus on my kiddos and crocheting this summer! 
Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mosaic Crochet - Learning a new technic

On Friday I got a book in the mail that's I'd won from Ambassador Crochet's Blog. It's called "How to Mosaic Crochet" by Annie's Attic. I was going to link to their website but the book isn't listed. You can find it on Amazon and Ebay with a simple search.

I was so excited to get it when I did because I was going out of town which meant car time to learn something new. I mostly just read the book to learn how to do it and it seemed complicated and it isn't easy at first.

I was glad to get to my Moms and sit down with my hooks and yarn to try the a simple pattern first. Mosaic crochet its very unique. You not only have to know how to read a pattern but you have to read a chart. I got really confused and frustrated at first but after a few rows I started to get the hang of it. This is definitely a technic that requires undivided attention.

My first project was a small coaster and I decided after I finished the one that It needed a mate so I made another in the opposite color.

My first mosaic project: Set of coasters

I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. There are several other projects in the book. I'd like to try the scarf and purse and maybe even come up with a design on my own for a ipad, nook or kindle cover. This will take a while tough - Maybe I should start small with my iphone cover instead...LOL! 

I really enjoyed learning a new technic! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Jungle- Cuddle Critter Capes

So I've been a blogging slacker this week. Have a few changes at the school that have and will keep me twice as busy for the next three weeks. So that means less crochet time and more piano time. Still my two favorite things so I can't complain! Besides once school is out in a few weeks I'll have lots of crochet time so just a little shift in the norm.

anywho! I did get a chance to work on my next set of Cuddle Critter Capes  - My last theme was forest creatures and bugs you can read about them here! For my next set of animals we journeyed to the jungle. I took a fun vote on my facebook page for what you'd like to see next. Monkeys came out way ahead with giraffe's and zebras to follow. I'd also like to do an elephant, tiger and lion too but not much interest was shown for those just yet.

So here is what I made up:


i think I'll call it Chunky Monkey! This one is made with super soft Bulky yarn in a lovely variegated shade of brown. He features little monkey ears and a long tail. He's so soft! The little baby will feel so snuggly in this one! 


I love the new and improved giraffe hat. I've made a few before but it was brighter yellow. This hat is made with Goldenrod yellow and Coffee Brown for richer color and I added a few spots for fun. The horn have a little stuffing in them to give them shape. 

The Cape hat fun spots and a cute little tail! I love giraffes! When my son was born that was a theme we used often for him. He has tons of stuffed animals that are giraffes and some of my favorite pics of him are in giraffe themed clothing and colors. 

The hat can be purchased separately too in any size you want ! it's a fun one to make and just absolutely adorable!


Obviously I'm not done with the zebra! I tried to get a pattern for it with waves in the hat instead of just straight lines. I only found one pattern and the seller wanted you to purchase a cottage license to sell which I disagree with. So I'm working on my own pattern. ( You can read some about this over on Crazy Socks Crochet's Blog)  I just need to finish up the ears and then add the main. it will be first attempt at a mohawk and I'm kinda excited only it's time consuming but the end result will be awesome. I may even write up a pattern for this but it will be awhile. It's a little more complicated than others I've written.

What do you think of the new ones? I'm excited to work on the next set I have in mind! I'll probably have another vote on my facebook so come join the fun!

We're just waiting on a few bundles of joy to arrive and we should have some professional pics with real babies modeling some of these for you in the coming week. I'm very excited to see!

Monday, April 11, 2011

McReady Oklahoma

So have you ever visited every McDonalds in your city in one week, every week for a month. Well that's just what my hubby and I are doing. I'm sure your thinking why in the world would you do that?

Explanation to follow :)

If you live in Oklahoma you know what time of year it is? It's storm season! Although we are in a drought I would love some rain minus the tornados.

My sweet hubby has been a volunteer for Oklahoma County Emergency Management for several years now and has his school background in Emergency Management. I'm glad he loves to volunteer but don't get so excited when I have to stay home with the kiddos and know he's out playing in the storms. I think he loves the adrenaline of it but most times he's in just at the Emergency Management Center on the radios keeping their guys safe!

This month is McReady Oklahoma. It's a program to help families be prepared in emergency situations especially during storm season.

My husband and I are helping out by setting up displays at most of the OKC metro- McDonalds (33 to be exact) and are in charge of keeping the displays stocked every week this month with information on sever weather preparedness.

If you'd like to know more about the program or get the weather preparedness info you can find it here 

If you'd like to see the exact information pamphlets or even download a kids activity you can get it here

BE prepared and BE safe! 

p.s. even though it's like a second job we've been having fun exploring the city as a family a few days during the week and eating a few french fries along the way ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Yellow and Green

This week I tried my hand at making my first tutu! It was so easy. I followed the steps on a blog I came across called Plumtickled. Her directions were great. I made mine with ribbon ties instead of elastic and I doubled up my colors using a different technic than she shared but I don't remember were I saw it.

Here is the end result:

back view

side view

One of my favorite pics of the day! 

Did you notice her cute little sun hat. I forgot I had it and it still fits her. If you like it you can get your very own in your favorite color here. They are great for spring and summer. I love to add interchangeable clips to match what she's wearing. 

I can't wait to get her birthday pics done in a month with RM Photography wearing this cute tutu and a special birthday shirt, a big bow I still need to make. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun with Mohair

A while back I found a a great find of a barely used bag of fabulous yarn for 4.00 . You can read about it here. Truth is I hadn't used much of it yet because I didn't know what to do with it. Yesterday I found a super easy "free" pattern (limited time only) for a Mohair wrap  by Polka Dot Posh {check out her listing for some gorgeous pics of ways to use the wrap!} I thought to myself  "oh I have some mohair!!" So I had some fun last night crocheting with the gorgeous delicate mohair yarn.

The yarn is by Rowan and it's called Kidsilk Night - it's 67% Super kid Mohair, 18% silk , 10 poyester and 5 % nylon. This yarn feel so soft and light! The color is amazing it's a deep purple and is sparkles. These next few pictures won't do it justice. It's gorgeous in person.

This wrap is meant to be used as a newborn photography prop. It can be wrapped like a cocoon or just wrap them up in your own creative way. A sweet little newborn girl would look like an angel all wrapped up in the luxurious huggable yarn.  

Close up! This is made with a large hook so it's nice a stretchy for  a good comfy wrap! 

I only have this one and might have enough to make another. I'm supposed to be getting a box of yarn goodies from my mother {Posh Pooch Designs} because she has lots of mohair she can't use. so I'll have yellow, pink and blue soon. 

What do you think? isn't it lovely! I'll have this listed in my etsy shop shorty!

Spring Seeds - Week 3

Here is my weekly update on my attempt to grow some tomatoes and watermelon :) Last week we saw no sign of the watermelon but this week is a new story 



Hopefully this weekend we'll get some soil and bigger pots to put these in so they can get bigger! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Artfire: Social Media Boot Camp - Week 1

I read somewhere that it's National Networking Week - It's about who you know right? So with that in mind I wanted to share about a Social Media Boot Camp.

I recently signed up to be part of Artfire's Social Media Boot Camp. I've been using social media for a long time back when Myspace was a big deal. I deleted my "myspace page" and I've come to love using Facebook and recently even got a Twitter account.

Artfire is like Etsy only it's not as big yet but it's got some great potential. I like the fact that you can have a shop and add whatever items you want for free. So you don't have to pay for each listing individually and there is no other fees for what you sell. I have pro account only because I signed on when they had a big promotion and it only costs me $5.95 a month no strings attached and I can't beat that anywhere else.

Back to Boot Camp..... Week 1 - Getting up and Rolling on Facebook

Week one is a breeze for me because I've been using facebook forever it seems so I'm up to date with it's in's and out even with all the recent changes.

Week one's assignment is to create a facebook page and network to get at least 25 fans and make a minimum of three posts this week  (I think I make a minimum of 3 a day :)

If you don't have a facebook business profile page. I would encourage you to do so . It's a super easy networking tool. I've meet so many great people via facebook and wouldn't run my biz without it. If you're interested in starting up a facebook page this Boot Camp a great resource to get you started.

I know some people are scared of facebook but I don't use facebook to just promote and sell my items. I network with other shops like mine so, crocheters, pattern writers,  other handmade shops, crafters, customers, photographers, friends and more. I try to promote and encourage other shops.  The one thing I miss it seems it the lack of people commenting like they used to. My interactions have come way down and I know in part that has some to due with recent facebook changes. I'd think with 2000+ fans a I could get more social? I want to get to know my fan base and like I said I've met so many wonderful crafty people.

I'm excited to see what the other six weeks have to hold and encourage you to jump on the social networking train!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Introducing - Cuddle Critter Capes

Recently one of my fabulous customers Dorinda Varga whom specializes in Newborn photography of  Dorinda Varga Photography asked me if I could make up some unique items. I loved her idea and we both ran with it. I would like to introduce to you:

Cuddle Critter Capes 

I already had an assortment of animal hats and was adding more monthly. What she wanted wasn't a cocoon or anything that had to be wrapped around the baby. She wanted something that could be easily set on a sleeping newborn. So I created a cape. Each cape has a different design with simple detail and is removable from the hat. That will give a photographer some versatility to use just the hat or dress up a sleeping baby by easily buttoning the cape to the hat and lay it right on the baby without to much movement.  

The cape is meant for a baby posed on there tummy and feet tucked up under. We'll have some pictures of the prop used on real babies in the coming weeks but I'm super excited to share these with you. Here are just 5 of 40ish I have planned. Yes I said 40! 

Here is the bumble bee in soft chunky yarn with cute little antenna and stinger

So far I have a bee , ladybug, bunny, skunk and hedgehog.

We're working on a series of animals for Spring featuring bugs and forest creatures that are awakening from hibernation.
I plan to have a gorgeous girly butterfly, a fuzzy caterpillar for boys, as well as a raccoon, turtle and fox.
Dorinda is setting up a special photography package and event from April through June using these props! Check it all out on her blog.

I'm excited to share other animals soon from these categories :
On the Farm
In the Jungle

What do you think? Photographers are you interested? I hope you love these as much as we do and I can't wait to share some photos of these in action. 

Spring Shortie Sweater

With Spring weather approaching and the ever changing Oklahoma weather. You need the essential Cardigan.  I've looked for a simple pattern before for my Calleigh but didn't like any I found. This weekend I came across this designer and pattern writer from New Zeland on Etsy called Holland Designs. She makes patterns for adorable shoes, slippers, sweaters and more! If you love to crochet you have to check her patterns out. 

I purchased her Shortie Sweater. I was a great pattern but I would say for later beginners or intermediate. 

I used cotton yarn to keep it light weight but I'm unhappy with it and will probably try it again in finer, lighter weight yarn. I crochet tight and the cotton yarn doesn't really stretch so while it fits her fine it doesn't lay right across her chest because of the lack of stretch. I left off the button and will close it with some satin ribbon or might add an extra finishing row to give her the room she need to button. 

My finished sweater

Calleigh cheesing for you in her new dress and a hat I've had in my stock that happens to match. 

Back view of Sweater.

I'm sure I'll purchase some of her other patterns in the future because she didn't have just one cute pattern she had several!

I can make this shrug in anysize nb- women's and in a variety of solid colors? I might offer it in my shop for the little ladies if anyone is interested. What do you think?