Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Yarn Pooling Made Easy : A Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

I don't know about you but a big trend last year in crochet was Yarn Pooling! Did you try it? I know I did and failed. Trying to find the right yarn, formulas and such wasn't easy on my own. Of course I didn't do a lot of research at first and was just grabbing variegated yarn I had on hand and just hoping it would magically happen. It didn't. I now have perfect solution and resource!

Yarn Pooling Made Easy 
By Marly Bird

Crochet Yarn Pooling

This new book has 32 pages of wonderful information on Yarn Pooling. 

*Tips and Tricks including a video link 
 Marly walks you through how too do this!

You can actually have access to Marly's video's and Blog via Youtube any time!

*Marly Bird's Yarn Pooling Playlist! *

*Marly Bird's Blog Links on Yarn Pooling*

*General Instructions
crochet terms, symbols, abbreviations and a few pictorial walk throughs of a few more intricate stitches. 

*Yarn information  
I love it when books include the exact yarn used. I find this very helpful especially in yarn pooling. 
As Marly is Red HeartYarns National Spokesperson as yarns used are Red Heart Brand.

*10 - Easy Patterns 
 a few scarves
a set: hat, cowl and fingerless gloves
Crochet Yarn Pooling

 Car Seat Cover
Child's Sweater
Baby Cocoon 

Crochet Yarn Pooling

I was really impressed with the variety of patterns.  
It was hard for me to choose one to make. 

I started with the Full Scarf, but I didn't just want a basic scarf and I messed up at the beginning so I pulled it out. 
I was drawn to the child's sweater but I didn't have enough yarn. 
So, I decided I would Make the Car Seat Cover just  a smaller version of it. 

I crochet for my daughters dolls a lot and thought it would make a cute mini babydoll blanket. 

I just happened to have a Skien of Red Heart Super Saver #906 Ocean. This was used for the scarf pictured above in the banner. 

I worked up a small rectangle using the yarn pooling method from the book and guess what it worked out!! Isn't this gorgeous. What I really loved was the border. It called for two contrasting colors but I went with a matching purple and the same variegated in the center and it made another lovely colorful border effect. 
I really love the way it turned out and my Daughter did too. 

So, if you were scared of yarn pooling. 
Marly Bird and this book will help you through it! 

I have to say personally. I've taken classes and followed Marly Bird for Years! She is an amazing women and you will learn so much from her! I can't say enough great things! Even if Yarn pooling isn't for you, You have to check out all her amazing designs and youtube tutorials.  

You will want to get your hands on this book! 

I'm hosting a Giveaway to win a copy of this book! 

Oh and there is more! 
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Thanks so much to Marly Bird and Leisure Arts for providing a copy of the book to me for review. This post does contain affiliate links which I may be compensated for when you make a purchase, however the review is my honest, un-biased opinion.