Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's In My Stash Wednesday?

Would you believe that I haven't gone yarn shopping in 2014 yet! Haha! I didn't do much yarn shopping in December either. I usually go every week to be inspired.  This yarn addict doesn't make silly goals like, use the yarn I have, yarn buying freeze or organize that stash first (face palm)
It just isn't happening! 

I had to get yarn for an order so seemed like a good day to explore what's new on the shelves.  Today I went to Hobby Lobby and the fact that I have an employee discount courtesy of my hubby working at corporate doesn't ever help me buy less. 

Red Heart recently released a reflective yarn. Reflective yarns aren't new but they are usually kinda pricey! I've seen yarn creations popping up in my Facebook feed but they seem to be so popular the yarns are already out of stock. Would you believe while shopping today I found a new version of I Love This Yarn- Reflective! They only had two colors Orange Glow and Yellow Glow. It's a worsted weight where I think the Red Heart Brand might be a Bulky. So I snatched up one of each! It's priced at $5.99 but I used a coupon on one of them. I'm going to brain storm a fun pattern or two with it for sure (eventually). If you click the photo below it will be bigger and you can read the yarn label for specific info. It is not on the website yet to order. 

This is with flash to show the reflective. 

This is without flash. 
I also picked up several skeins of I Love This Yarn in some soft and pale, wintery shades. I already have plans for some of these lovely skeins! Hopefully soon, if not come spring time I'm sure they'll be put to good use! Aren't they pretty! I think these shade would also be gorgeous with with my 

Hobby Lobby doesn't carry a lot of other brands of yarn like they used to, but that a okay because I love everything they have come out with. I'm just sad they don't have as much Vanna's Choice because there are specific colors I use on a regular basis I now have to order ahead of time online.
 I was so excited to see today one of my new favorites Lion Brand Heartland being stocked on the shelf! I could only get it at Joann's and it's out of the way for me to go there so I'm super excited to see it! I use this yarn in my free Key Tab Stitch Series of crochet patterns! 

So buy any yarn this week? What did you get? 


Unknown said...

Oh Lord! My stash already takes up two entire 5 shelf bookshelves. My darling husband might shoot me if I brought in any more LOLOLOL! Although, I do have a HUGE bag full of plastic bags that I need to turn into plarn soon . . .

Anonymous said...

I really want to try some reflective yarn... and I also love your muted color choices!!! I love yarn shopping... we dont have a Hobby Lobby any where close... I wish we did!!

Amy B Stitched said...

reflective yarn needs to go on my list!! I haven't gone yarn shopping this week...but I'm in the market for cotton when I go. I really like the soft texture of Hobby Lobby's "I love this Cotton" yarn. It's so soft!! most often the cotton is more stiff...which is fine for some projects....but the idea of a soft cotton really appeals to me!

Posh Pooch Designs said...

I am going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow!!!!! I hope mine has it!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I am liking the reflective yarn. I just can't decide if I want to be nice and make the kids hats or me a new one.

Aurora Ramirez said...

love this reflective yarn. I can see using it on holloween items you can use at night to go trick-or-treeting. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

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