Friday, August 29, 2014

Drops Waistcoat Pattern Review

This summer I came across a lovely crochet pattern from Drops. They have 100s of free patterns in lots of languages so it's a really great resource. The Pattern is called simply Waistcoat Pattern

I wanted a new top to wear over some of my Sunday dresses.  I was drawn to some extra skeins I had of Red Heart Shimmer in Black. I liked this yarn for this project because I was able to match gauge with it and it was sparkly. Its kind of hard to see that in the pics though. It's not heavy and drapes well. I don't completely remember but I took about 3 skeins. If you make one I would reccommend a light worsted yarn. I think regular worsted could work but you might need to crochet tighter. 

I made the XL but as some of you know I've been loosing weight so it's a little big in the back portion. I wished I taken out a few rows but I was afraid it would be to small. I think I'll make a few adjustments to my finished product for a better fit and maybe a lacy cuff sleeve, but over all I'm happy with how it turned out. 

FYI- It is hard to take pics of yourself :) LOL! I used the video function on my iPhone and then did screen shots so these aren't the best pics, but I really wanted to show it to you on. 

Would you make one? What do you think? Have you made any Drop Designs? 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Yarn Talk

Back before my blogging break I used to go shopping every Thursday for yarn and share my findings with you on the blog. I've been on a yarn freeze (sorta) for the past 7 month. I only would pick it up for orders, or a special occasion like my birthday. I think I used that excuse a few times LOL! Well it's Thursday so I think I want to share what's in my stash instead! I have a few fun finds and trying new yarns is fun! 

I've been wanting to knit (yes I said knit) a pair of socks for a long time but I wanted nice yarn. Like at my Local Yarn Shop The Gourmet Yarn Company. So many pretties! I only visit there once every couple months.  I usually just touch. squeeze and wish for the yarn. It's a little more pricey but I have fallen in love with a few things there I like to spurge on once in a while. I love to get together with some of my yarn friend for there knit/crochet ins. 

If you want a peek inside the shop my mom blogged about it here with a few fun picks! 

There are always a few prizes and giveaways at the Knit ins, but I never win those until my B-day month! I was so excited I won a skien of Sock Yarn that has enough for me to make the socks!!! 
It's a skein of Rowan Fine Art - Premium hand painted sock yarn, made with wool and silk! I love the colors too! Lovely shades of blue! 

Here is my dilemma! I'm not a great knitter, but I'm up for this challenge I just need a easy, simple pattern! I've been looking but honestly there are a lot so I need your help! Let me know your favorite knit or crochet sock patterns and then I look through and narrow it down and let you vote on which one I should make! Then you can keep me accountable to make these before it's cold out LOL! So leave me some links here on the blog or on my Facebook page. 

I'm off to design something new in the meantime! Got to get back to designing!

Oh and PS. The Gourmet Yarn Company is celebrating a 10 years this coming Saturday. If your Local to OKC it would be a great time to stop in and check it out!! Just visit their page for details on the celebrations! I might have to go shopping :) 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Pattern Sale!

Okay so my birthday was the 14th but I didn't get around to having a pattern sale so we need to have one before it's not August! Where did this month go?!? 

So click on over to Ravelry and enjoy BOGO Patterns! 

That's Buy One and Get One free! 

No coupon needed. Discount applied at checkout.

Guess what there is no limit either. If you want 2 patterns you'll get 2 free. If you want 10 patterns you'll get 10 more free all in one easy checkout! So make sure you have an even amount of patterns in your cart :) 

This is a great time to stock up for a busy Fall and Christmas season! 

Sale will Run August 27-29 ending midnight Central.

Don't have any money to spend that's okay. Check out our free patterns instead!

Like our latest pattern in honor of my b-day!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pattern Review: Ups and Downs Slouch by Moogly

I follow a lot of crochet designers. I see lots of fabulous patterns in my Facebook feed but every so often I see one that I have to drop everything and make it right away! I loooove slouchy's! I have a ton and written several patterns myself but this one was unique and I just had to make it! 

This slouch is called the Ups and Downs Slouch by Moogly! I've made many Moogly patterns and I'm never disappointed. The pattern is well written and there are lots of pics and links to help you with it along the way! What I loved about this pattern is I learned a new braided look technic. I love learning new things! 

Now the hard part was picking out what yarn to use! I'd recently picked up a few skeins of this amazingly soft yarn called Berrcco Comfort. It's pricier that I usually pay but this blue shade called my name. 

I have a smaller head so I made the Medium but, even though I checked my gauge I think that I pulled a little tight (as I usually do and I was excited about the hat) It fits but the yarn itself doesn't have a lot of stretch so while it fits, it is a beanie style. I still love it and added these fun leopard buttons!  I tried to get my little Calleigh to model it as it fits as a slouchy on her but she didn't want blue. She wanted purple! 

So 2nd attempt I knew I needed purple!! I went with Vanna's Choice Twists in Plum Jam. 
I made the large and it's perfect! I love this yarn and and fit and the whole design. This will be my morning school bus stop hat once it's not like 100 degrees. fall and winter coming soon??? I love fall! 

I decided to just use one button instead of two on this one. 

Thank you Moogly for another great pattern! I would totally suggest you make this hat! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Balloon Bunting : Free Crochet Pattern

Well today is my Birthday! I'm now 32 years young! I usually do a birthday pattern and I had lots of ideas planned out for the party but they are works in progress. I do have one fun, simple new pattern for ya! 

Balloon Bunting

I had already have a free Balloon Applique' pattern (click here.

Just need to add some string! 

Step 1: Make as many balloons as you'd like. I use six but generally I like to use odd numbers. 

Step 2: Using Worsted Weight yarn of choice and your H- Hook. 

Row 1: Ch 30, *sl st in the back loop, in the top center of the balloon. (between the 12 HDC's on Round 4), ch 30.  Repeat from * until you have attached all your balloons. You will end on a ch 30. Fasten off, pull ends tight and trim as desired. 

Step 3: Decorate with it, have fun & Enjoy! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Release: Rios Slouch

It's been a long time coming! A new  crochet pattern is here! You know I love slouchy hats! I wanted to designs something light and open for fall. So here it is ......

I choose to use one of my favorite new yarns. Lion Brand Heartland Tweeds. I really could make this hat in every color. This yarn has great drape, it's lightweight and so soft! Even if you don't like slouchy hats you could just leave off a few rows and make it a beanie instead.  This hat works up nice a quick too! 

You can find this pattern in my Ravelry Shop on Sale for a $1.00 off. 
Sale runs Today Wed, Aug 13 - Fri Aug 15th (ending Midnight Central) 
No coupon needed. Discount will apply at check out! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lace up with With Liz Update

It's been awhile since I've updated the blog! I took a break for summer to spend time with the kids and on me. August is an exciting month with the both my babies off to school and it being my birthday month. It sure will be awful quiet around the house all day. The good news is more time for crochet. I have lots planned for the coming months. New paid and free patterns, contests, giveaways and so much more! 

Note: This is more of a personal post update. So if you want to know more about me and current life events read on! This is also an introduction for those that know nothing about me. :) 

I'm a wife (7 years), mother of two  (5 & 6), I'm a christian, I love playing piano and I've been running my crochet business for almost 5 years come January. 

I've struggled with weight all my life. It's kinda of a roller coaster! After college I weighed about 160 pounds and mom and I did weight watchers together! I got down to a tiny 124! I remember people asking if I was sick! LOL I was so tiny! It felt great but I got comfy in life and pounds started to creep back in. Around the time frame I got married and we had our babies very close together and I let the pounds creep on! I made a few attempts to loose weight but every time I did I seemed to gain more! Was I really trying, not really. I just blamed it on baby weight! You can only blame baby weight so long. um since my baby is now 5 and starting kindergarten in less than two weeks.  I hated being over 200 pounds. I said I never would but guess what I did. I remember looking at 222 and thinking somethings got to change! 

In January I started making goals for the business and it hit me. I have no personal goals, no family goals, my life is business. It had over taken everything!!! I knew I had to change big time. So prayed about it and said it was time to make new priorities because my family has got to come 1st and my health too! Was that easy! No, we kinda depend on my income, but I was going to trust God to take care of us and you know what so far it's working. It's been a little scary but God provides in mysterious ways. 

I decided to try couch to 5K. It was brutal! I couldn't even run a minute. It made me angry but in a good way. I used to run in middle school (haha!) surely I can run now! It took a lot of work, determination and surviving a few injuries but you know what I haven't given up since. Who would have thought 6 months ago I could now run for 90 minutes and more! It's crazy to me how far I've come! 

It's been six months since I officially started a huge life change and weight loss journey. I've officially lost 40 pounds and 32 inches in those 6 months! 50 pounds total from last spring (but wasn't doing much about it then). I'm 18 pounds from my 1st major goal I set in January. According to my plan I should reach it in September but honestly I'm so excited where I am and I'm just taking it a pound or inch at a time.

 I exercise almost every day and have embraced running! I'm even planning on training for my 1st 1/2 marathon. Can I do it ?? We'll see. If I don't do the Route 66 in November. I'm going to do the OKC Memorial Marathon in April 2015. It terrifies me but I'm determined to do it!!! I've only done one run and it was a Color Run just for fun. I think I may need to run some smaller races 1st just for the experience. 

  I've completed Couch to 5K, Couch to 10K and currently working on a faster 5K. Since I'm kinda slow! 

Here are some of my new before and after pics! I'm going to try to get some current pics by September since these are from the beginning of July. 

Last week I started a page to encourage others like me and follow along the journey!  It's easy to sit and crochet all day! Now, that is hard for me, but I'm going to make it work because I still love to crochet and I love my job! 

I've encouraged and been encouraged by many of my crochet friends to stay fit and eat healthy! There is nothing better than accountability! Anywhoo, if you'd like to follow the new page I'd love to have you! It's called Lace up with Liz. You'll see daily posts about my workouts, even challenges you can do with me! I would love to keep you accountable. I'm just a normal girl who has struggled with weight my entire life. I'm not striving to be skinny! I just want to be healthy and active! 

Currently I'm doing a Squat Challenge and August Melt Off - You are more than welcome to do this with me. Even if you're just starting! I want to motivate you to move it, move it!! 

I hope you enjoyed this long read! I don't claim to be a good writer. English wasn't my favorite subject LOL! I just want to encourage you and be encouraged! THANKS!!! 

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