Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's New & On Sale This Week

Week of : May 28 - June 3rd 

Hope you all had an enjoyable three day weekend while reflecting on the importance of Memorial Day! Thank you to all those how have paid the ultimate price for our Country! 

With June around the corner - I've planned a theme of patterns for the month for  the pattern of the week. 
On The Farm 

This weeks pattern of the week is 
The Sleepy Cow

You can get this little cutie for only 2.99 in my instant download shop on Raverly through Sun Jun 3rd. 
(no coupon needed, discount automatically applied at checkout) 

Click here to purchase -----> 

Don't forget about the New Alligator / Crocodile Release
It's still on sale in Raverly for 3.95 through Wed May 30th

New patterns in process coming soon!!! 

1. Flower bonnet Set in Several sizes, You can read about that in this blog post from Fri. 

2. I received a custom order for a Dragon. I was so excited because I'd already had a prototype from earlier in the year because it's the Year of the Dragon, but I got busy and set it aside. This gave me an excuse to make it and rewrite notes on the pattern. 
Soon I'll have a much requested pattern for a Dinosaur/Dragon. 

Important Update to Pinchy the Lobster: 

If you previously purchased the Lobster Pattern. I found a mistake in it last night while working one up. 
In the Tail on Rows 3 & 4 the fpdc and bpdc stitches are on opposite rows. I sent Ravelry updates to people that had purchase there but if you purchased via Etsy you'll need to email me to get an updated pattern. Please email with your order number. You can find it by logging into your Etsy account and look under purchases. 

Are you looking to Advertise you shop? I've got several slots open on the blog for the Month of June. You can read about it here. I have several options. If you interested just contact me via the contact tab. 

Have a fabulous week!!! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday's, Bonnets and Blossoms!

Happy Friday! This has been a busy week! Just wanted to post a few things so you don't miss out on the fun and Deals!

My Sweet Calleigh had her 3rd birthday party yesterday!  

She's growing up so fast! She wanted me to remind you that the Cupcake Cape Set crochet pattern is on sale through her birthday tomorrow for $3.00 

You can see more about that deal here on my previous blog post 

New Allig/Croc set is on Sale of $3.95 for the next week (ends Wed May 30th at midnight! Only in Ravelry - instant download. (discount applied at checkout - No coupon needed!) Don't miss it!! 

If you haven't seen I did a little sneak peek of my next set to come! 
Flower Bonnet Cape Set 

Of course if you can't see a cape it's because I'm still designing it! In the end I'll be offering the Bonnet in sizes from 0- 12 months. The Cape I have in mind is going to be this textured giant leave! What do you think! I've been wanting to design this set for a while and I'm pretty excited with how the bonnet came out! 

Don't forget about Raising Money for Liz with Playin' Hooky Designs. 
You can see more about that on my previous blog post ! 

I hope you have a great holiday weekend! What projects will you be crocheting? 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Crochet Community Comes Together - Auctions, Squares and Donations

What I difference a day makes. I was so sad when I was browsing through my Facebook feed yesterday, (which is mainly made up of other crocheters, designers and shops that I follow on consistent basis) when I came across a blog post from Liz of Playin' Hooky Designs. While I don't know her in outside of the internet I'm inspired by her designs, her smile and kind personality. I got to know her through the Etsy Create Crochet team a few years back (which I'm seriously lacking being a part of in the past year)  It's so neat to watch other shops grow and come up with amazing designs but I feel hers are truly unique and inspiring!

Back to Liz- Her 5 year old little girl lost her life unexpectedly on Monday from a severe asthma attack. Liz just has a sweet baby and has a lot on her plate to deal with right now. You can read more about this personally from her on her blog . Get your tissues ready- I cried a lot yesterday and loved on my babies a little more and just prayed and prayed for her comfort for their family.

I'm so proud to be apart of the crochet community and I watched them all come together to support her yesterday. I was just thrilled and overwhelmed to see all love and prayers coming her way. I hope she feels this overwhelming love from all the notes and prayers a lot from complete strangers.

Many have asked how else they can help and there are several options!

1. There is an auction album on Boomier Beanie's Facebook page. There are over 200  items, from crochet patterns, to finished item- crochet, jewelry, ad space and more! All the proceeds from this auction will go to Liz.  I have donated a 10 pattern pack of choice ( the high big right now is $45 and I would love to see us raise more from Calleigh's Clips) Here is my auction link . You'll need to like her page in order to participate!

2. Another auction will be help Monday evening on Haff if your way's Facebook page

"ATTN VENDORS: A fellow crafter lost her 5 year old daughter to a severe asthma attack. I will be holding an auction on my page (which I have decided to switch to Monday evening due to the holiday weekend) and all proceeds will go to her family. If you would like to donate, please leave your email address below or email me at and include your shop link, a picture you would like used, the item you are donating and the value of the item. I have recieved several emails and will be getting back to all of you soon! Thank you!" 

3. There is a Memory Granny Squares Blanket you can be a part of hosted by Heidi's Hook

Here is a note from her on how to participate.

 " These squares will be turned into a memory blanket for the family at Playin' Hooky Designs.
Requirements: 6"  square.....any colors....preferrably worsted weight in acrylic.
Please mail squares no later than June 1st, 2012 ~ also......if any of you would like to contribute to the shipping cost for the blanket, you could always s;ip a couple of bucks in with the square :)"
Please mail memory squares to:
Bryn's Memory Blanket
c/o Heidi Fernandez
1763 N. Williwaw Way
Wasilla, AK 99654

This will not be a cheap item to ship and I'm sure it will be big so pitch in a few bucks when you send your square if you can.

I've not made many granny squares in the past but I've had a few pinned that I wanted to make. I decided since I'm on a crocodile stitch run that I would make this awesome crocodile st. Granny square. You can get the free pattern for it from my pin.

Here is how mine came out. I decided on bright colors and I'm glad I did because I heard that her daughter loved bright colors!! It's not perfect and I had to change the pattern a little because my 6 inch square ended up being a 7 in when I finished...Oops! I wish I had time to make more but I have a feeling there will be plenty! :)

4. If you don't want to be in the auctions or can't crochet you could consider a donation to an account that has been set up for her!  For those of you who would like to just make a donation of $ value you can send it as a gift to the paypal account if you have questions please Nicole with Boomer Beanies know. 

Thanks so much for showing all this amazing support for her! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

What's on New and on Sale this week!

Gooooood Morning! I hope your week is off to an awesome start. I have a busy week ahead with several orders to complete and I need to decide what patterns I want to tackle next. I have so many ideas I don't know where to start sometimes.

My joy and my inspiration for Calleigh's Clips came when I had my baby girl Calleigh. She isn't quiet a baby anymore. She's turning 3 this weekend. Many of you got to see a very funny side of her this week in my Mermaid Tail Outtakes video . If you have small children you'll relate especially if you've ever tried to record a video tutorial with kids around.

Speaking of the Mermaid! If you Pre-Orded the Pattern you might be surprised to see I've already sent them all out! If you didn't get yours just shoot me an email and we'll try again. If you've not purchased it yet I'm still leaving it on sale for $4.50 (ref. 5.95) through Wed. May 23rd. You can get an instant download in my ravelry shop. (discount applied at checkout)

Photography by : Emma June Photography 

Since Calleigh will be turning  three I though the Pattern of the Week should be
the Cupcake Cuddle Cape set! 

You can get that for $3.00 - through Saturday (automatic discount at checkout) 

if you want both patterns you have to purchase separate to get discounts on both.

I should have one more new pattern to release by the end of the week. Just waiting to get some images back to add to the pattern. I may add it to Ravelry with out the pro pics and then just send out updates when it's ready but I've not decided yet. So just watch for a Facebook announcement soon!

The Crocodile/Alligator pattern

I know many of you saw the Beagle puppy I was asked to make for a custom order. I've had several emails asking if I'd be willing to write or add that into the Puppy Cape pattern.  I'm going to try to work on getting that added in the next couple week.  The only difference is color changes. The pattern itself isn't different. So it shouldn't be hard to for me to get done. I just need to get the yarn for it. Isn't it adorable. This hat pattern actually maybe one I try to right up in other sizes but don't hold me to it...LOL! 

So with out me saying to much (don't like to share my ideas before hand) 
What do you think I should do for the next cape design? 

I'm thinking in these themes: Food, Flowers Royalty, or other under the sea animals/creatures
Suggestions are always welcome! 

Have a great week! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pre-Sale Mermaid Princess Cuddle Cape Set

I just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments about this new set. Lots of love and time has gone into this pattern from me and my fabulous testers! I can't thank them enough for helping me when I was stuck on some sizing! I love that I've met some fabulous people that help me make these patterns just right just because they want to. This business wouldn't continue to flourish with out all the amazing ideas and support of pattern testers, photographers, fans and customers. THANK YOU! 

This Set just needs to be tried out on a little baby one more time on Sunday to check the foot pocket out on the back. If it's good then it will be ready to go Monday. What's a foot pocket you ask ? :) 

I wanted to keep the tradition of writing a cape style pattern not a cocoon. The only problem with the mermaid tail is that we don't really want little feet or toes sticking out since well...Mermaid don't have feet. LOL! So just incase you have a baby that is a little more alert and moving we've added a little pocket on the back to keep them in place. For those of you that want a more cocoon like back. I've also included instructions on how to make a pocket cover entire back of the cape. 

Since many of you didn't want to miss this release next week I started a Pre-Release Sale yesterday and I have to say I've never really had good luck with pre-sales but you all have surprised me and have obviously fallen in love with the pattern already. I'm blown away at the response to the Pre-Sale! 
Thank you so much!!! 

Here is a link to the Pre-Sale in my Artfire Shop. You can get the pattern for $4.50 through the weekend to the release date (set for Monday May 21st) Regular price $5.95  - 

Pre-Release Sale- Mermaid Princess Cuddle Cape Set
Pattern includes instructions for the Tail, Shells and Tiara. Uses the gorgeous crocodile stitch texture. 

I know many of you aren't as familiar with Artfire but I love it for pre-sale and high volume orders because I don't have to pay the Crazy Fees like on Etsy!!! Many have asked if it will be available on Ravelry and it will be. I've decided on the Release day I'll extend the sale so you can get it on instant download if you prefer at the sale price. 

Remember this is a Pre-Release Sale and I'm putting the final touches on the pattern so it's not going to be emailed until Monday May 21st!!! 

For those of you interested in the finished Items I have one that is ready to ship as shown in the pictures above. You can purchase it in my Etsy shop 

If you have other questions please don't hesitate to use the contact tab to email me!! 

UPDATE - You can now find this in all my shops! Simply visit

Monday, May 14, 2012

What's on Sale this week!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! I spent the day cuddling up will my sick little man and just resting. It was kinda nice not to do much and getting some snuggle time in.

Just wanted to fill you in on this weeks specials! 

This Weeks Pattern Discount of the week is : 

This is a great pattern if you haven't worked with Handspun Thick & Thin yarn! 

This is also a very versatile pattern. It included a basic Beanie, Gnome Beanie and instructions on how to add a chinstrap. 

I tell you exact yarn to get. With thick & thin there are lots of options and it's good to make sure you get the right type. You can't order by weight. You need to order by WPI and yardage! If you have questions I can help a little and let you know where I buy mine from! 

You can purchase this pattern in my Raverly instant download shop for
Only $2.99 this week May 14- May 20th (no coupon needed, Discount applied at checkout)

Don't forget you can get 15% off finished items in my Etsy shop for only 3 more days. Ends May16th

Just use the code CCCC15MAY at checkout! 

Did you miss the sneak peak of some upcoming patterns
You can read and see more here

Friday, May 11, 2012

American Crusader- Cuddle Cape Set Released

I'm so excited to release the American Crusader Cuddle Cape Set! I've had many of you asking about designing a Captain America one and it's now ready to go! 

You can purchase the pattern on sale today- Fri. May 11- Sun. May 13 at Midnight 

For only 3.95 in my instant download shop 
(discount automatically applied at checkout - no coupon needed)

Just click buy now to purchase 

A friend of mine having twins boys loved the Captain America set and asked if I could do an Iron Man one so I took the challenge. Aren't these just cool!! I may just need to do a Hulk and Thor to but I have some other projects I want to complete first. 

My Facebook fans have begged me to write out the pattern for the Iron Man! So as soon as I finish up my current projects I'll get to working on that pattern. Of course if you don't crochet your more then welcome to order these finished items. I'd be happy to make them for you. 

I have a few projects I'm working on through the weekend. 

This fun Alligator/Crocodile set has been on my mind and hooks since last fall. I'd been stuck on the design and kept avoiding it but I finally had a lightbulb moment and I'm pretty excited to finished writing up the pattern! 

This is a sneak peek of the the Mermaid cape set, I'm still in process of designing the top. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do or if I was going to even do a top but my lovely Facebook fans voted for Shells. So I need to put my thinking cap on. This is going to be a Mermaid Princess and she has a Tiara that will come with the pattern! This one has taken some time to write out and I'm going to keep woking on it to get it just right but I had to show you this. I love the way the yarn I used works up with it. Isn't it gorgeous! 

Lots of other new ideas and designs are in the works for the spring/summer months ahead! I'm excited that I've had a little more time to design lately so feel free to shoot ideas my way. You never know what I can and am in process of! I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! :) 

Have a fabulous weekend!! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to work!

First off I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my customers, fans, followers and encouragers! These past 5 months have been quite an adventure. 

In Nov. 2011 my sweet hubby got hurt at work and he found out he was going to have to surgery on his knee. Which meant a while before he was going to be able to work. Workers Comp isn't always a fun ordeal. It's slow and you never know how it will go but thankfully we didn't have anything to pay medically but hubby's income was very small. I just prayed that the Lord would bless my little business adventure when I opened back up to finished items in Jan. 

I was busy every minute trying to get all these amazing orders out the door. The Lord truly bless my business and we didn't struggle finically through this process of having to rely mostly on my income. It was very scary to rely on orders to come in to pay those bills but it all worked out. Things have slowed down for me and I was getting a little nervous but the doctor finally release my hubby to go back to work yesterday! I'm going to miss having him around all the time and back to crazy schedules but a little more stability. So thank you to everyone who helps make these past 5 months go quickly with keeping me very busy. 

I'm looking forward to creating new patterns! I have so many more ideas to share!! 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Sales & Giveaways this week!

Happy Monday! This week's pattern of the week is my Thick and Quick Newborn Hammock
You will find it in my Ravelry shop for only $2.99. (instant download)

No coupon needed. Just put it in your cart for an automatic discount

Don't forget all finished item orders in my Etsy Shop (not patterns) are 15% off until May 16th
Just use the code CCCC15MAY at checkout! 
You can read more details about the sale here

OH and here is a chance to win a pattern from me and some other fabulous shops
hosted by Crazy Socks Crochet  <--- just click here to see details on how to enter! 


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May - One Year of Critter Capes! - 15% Items Sale

Well I cannot believe it's May and I can't believe I'm all caught up with orders (1st time since January when I reopened after Christmas) I'm glad I am because I wanted to offer up a decent sale with decent wait times! Right now its 7-10 days on finished items! So now would be a perfect time to get that item you've been dying for! I don't offer sales on items in my shop often.

This month marks one year since I introduced my first critter cape pattern the Ladybug and well I now have over 50 designs published! I have several more ideas in my books so now it's time to go to town on them! I have a few other ideas in store too! We'll have pattern specials too but you'll need to stay tuned to my Facebook page to see those weekly/daily/flash pattern sales! 

In my Etsy shop (On finished items only- Not on pattern orders or bundle deals)
 you can get 15% off your entire order for till May 16th! 

Just enter the coupons code at check out