Monday, January 13, 2014

5 of My Personal Crochet Goals for 2014

I don't normally make new years resolutions. Which is kinda sad but it don't like to make goals I know I can't keep but I've realized if I don't make goals I won't grow as a person or business! The world of Crochet is large and even with my experience there is so much more to learn! Here are a few things I'd like to accomplish this year.

1. Learn a new crochet technic!

 Last year I wanted to learn Bavarian Crochet & Broom Stick Lace. I learned the basics of both but I don't have a project to show for them yet. My Bavarian Crochet Blanket is still in process. When I learned Broom Stick Lace is was just by chance. I had joined a mystery crochet along but I never finished. I just got to busy with other things. 

What I want to accomplish this year is to learn and finish a project in Tunisian crochet. 

2. Write more patterns!  

I have a million ideas in my notebook. I want to try to stay original and unique. 
Which can be hard in a growing work of crochet artists. 

3. I'd like to try to get a pattern published 
in a popular crochet magazine or with a popular yarn company. 

I've been doing some investigating and I'm excited about the possibilities. 
I was beyond thrilled when I had a pattern accepted with my freelance work for Hobby Lobby (Holy Cowl) and it's always fun to do the Crochet a Day Calendar each year but I want to take that next step as a designer. 

4. Blog more! 

If you haven't noticed I've been blogging almost daily. I'm doing a really awesome crochet blogging challenge to start 2014 off on the right foot and I've learned so much! I won't likely blog everyday after January but I want to try to do it at least 2-3 days a week! 
More tutorials, patterns and crochet tips to come!!! 

5. Donations, Charity and Prayer.

I've worked on donating some hats each year to preemies organizations and I'd really like to check into doing it more local in our area hospitals. I have a lot of little skeins of yarn that can be quickly make into darling little hats. I'd like to set a goal to make a certain amount each month. I bet I could do over 100 - 200 this year. Thats just about 2-4 a week. 

Someone recently mentioned in my facebook group of praying for little ones while they make special blankets. I'm a Christian and I do believe in the power of prayer! I think that during these special hat making times it would be a great time to pray for the special little babies and families that would receive these hats! I just think of all the mindless tv I watch while I crochet and I think this could be a better use of some of that time. Thinking of others! I'm going to write more on this soon! 

So do you have any Crochet Goals for 2014?


susan said...

Those are great goals! I also want to publish more patterns and would love to get accepted in a magazine. I've submitted a few designs but haven't been accepted yet. I also love trying out new stitches and techniques- I did broomstick lace years ago- need to try it again.

Fabi said...

I love your list of goals! You've inspired to do a post like this one too. I've thought about it several times but it's totally different to get it down in print. I look forward to seeing more of your projects! Also, what a great idea to pray for others while crocheting! :)

Sarah.Crochet said...

I am mostly just going to continue with my Charity work and I think I may also start knitting or crocheting for Christmas gifts again. I donate to the ABC Homes here in Arkansas. I donated several blankets, hats and booties in December that I had worked on all year. I currently have 2 blankets in the works and will make hats and booties along the way. I too, pray over all my donations as I make them!

I also am a member of an employee resource group at work that works to provide support for our veterans. We teamed up with Knots of Love last year and were able to donate over 100 hats for veteran cancer patients. So I will also be making hats for them.

Amy B Stitched said...

your list very much resembles mine :D only my list is still in my head LOL

I am also a Christian and have done many projects for those in need of prayer. One special project we made market bags from recycled plastic bags to hand out at the Farmer's Market that was held each week near our church. You never know what any person is going through....but God does and can take your prayers to use them for what we may NEVER know.
God Bless you and your work!!

Posh Pooch Designs said...

Those are amazing goals!!! I am really gonna have to think hard and get mine written down.

Unknown said...

What a great set of goals. I really should nail down my goals for at least the next few months.

Oombawka Design said...

Fabulous set of goals for 2014! I wish you the best of luck with all of your plans - and congratulations on the pattern acceptance from Hobby Lobby :) You mush be thrilled!

Mistie (American Crochet) said...

Those are awesome goals! I want to write more patterns and would love to get accepted in a magazine or one of the yarn companies. I love learning new stitches and letting my mind run with it. You have inspired me to write a post similar to this one. I've thought about it several times but getting it wrote down is sometimes difficult. I also plan to continue my charity work for those who are battling cancer and the homeless.

Aurora Ramirez said...

Boy compared to your goal my goals look like the ramblings a crazy crocheter. Love your goals! I will be adding to my goals or New Years resolutions because 18 goals are not enough! Lol. I think I am way to far off on getting one of my patterns published because frankly I have yet to meet that goal. So for this year lets just say I will keep it in eyesight.

Anonymous said...

Elisabeth, congrats on your pattern being featured at Hobby Lobby. If you are any where near a CGOA event you should attend. A couple of crocheters went last year and opportunities for publishing their patterns just blossomed.

One of my goals is to submit a design to a magazine as well. I also want to continue my preemie work. I used to make prayer shawls and prayed while making them. Haven't made one in a long time.

I think it would be awesome if you made 200 hats/month. 2400 hats in one year!

Unknown said...

Good luck on those Goals for! I think you can do it :D
200 hats a month is A LOT though...LOL especially with designing and such. Looking forward to watching you do these this year!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

I think I need to clarify! That is just 100-200 in a year, 2-4 a week. LOL ( I edited and re-worded that better!

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