Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome to my blog attempt

I'm new to blogging but it seems a very popular format now days. I'm not great with words but I wanted to use it as a venue to help develop my business endeavor of Calleigh's Clips!

I started Calleigh's Clips in January on a whim. My sister-in-law was showing us how to make bows and I thought this looks fun. My Baby girl is my inspiration and I can't believe she'll be 1 next month. Now if she'd just grow more hair so I can put my clips in it. :)

Ok see I already got side tracked. Calleigh's Clips has done well so far through Facebook. We're not in the red and I have lots of accessories for my baby girl too ! So at least it's paying for my new habit.

I dont know how big we'll get but if it means I can still be a stay at home mom I'll keep doing it!

Thanks so much for the support from Friends and Family . Hopefully I'll get better at this blogging!