Friday, January 3, 2014

Hand Chain Scarf Crochet Pattern Review

Hand chain Scarf in Sashay Golden
During the business of the Holiday's I hurt my hand and couldn't crochet for a about a week. I'm not really even sure what I did. I play piano too and I think I actually hurt it practicing not crocheting. Hand and finger exercises are soooo important to your hand health. You can read more about that in a previous post I wrote: Breathing in and out while you crochet.

Anyhoo. Not being able to crochet for a few days well wasn't going to happen. I tried to rest but still needed to whip out a few gifts some how. So, I cheated and found a pattern on how to crochet with your fingers as the tools instead of a hook. I thought maybe if I was relaxed and not gripping a hook that might help the pain.

I had two skeins of Sashay yarn I'd bought at Michaels that I thought should be used. The pattern I found was a freebie on Red Hearts Website called Glam-It Up Hand Chain Scarf.

This is a wonderful beginning project. Even if you've never crocheted this would be a great place to start. Or if you teach it may be a great project for you to get your students started with the basics of chaining and tension with out having to worry about a hook.

 Working with the mesh yarn can be a bit frustrating otherwise. I'd made several ruffles scarfs the previous year and I prefer to knit those rather than crochet and I don't knit well!

These scarves worked up in about 20 minutes, so I made two and really could have made more! The colors were gorgeous and I loooove the way they turned out! I used Red Heart Sashay Metallic in Rubies and Golden. They are so sparkly and pretty in person. I also love the fact that the scarf is super light! It's not heavy at all! I will for sure made more of these in the future.

I used two fingers and kept my tension pretty loose. I left a decent amount at the end and after I tied the ends together I made a little bow detail (see golden image) That way I could make it adjustable. The golden one has different lengths wrapped. The red one they are all about the same length. I like options! So will you try a finger/hand chain scarf?

Hand chain Scarf in Sashay Rubies


Posh Pooch Designs said...

I have some just laying around, I need to try this, I love the look.

Unknown said...

I would've never in a million years thought to hand chain that ruffly yarn! Wow! They are gorgeous! Now I need to try it, I have some that was sent to me by a friend in Scotland, it's in Black Watch colors.

Rebecca Sunshine said...

Elizabeth those are lovely. I learned finger knitting when my boys were little. Now I see arm knitting and know I have to give it a try. I still haven't used that sashay yarn.

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