Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shark Cuddle Cape Set Crochet Pattern

Shark Week is coming starting August 4th! 

I've had this design for the shark cuddle cape set on my hooks for a while now and after making it several different ways I fell in love with a chinstrap hat idea! I wanted my shark design sweet and not scary! I have to thank my awesome testers for their help. This shark has gone through lots of changes from when it was first drawn up. 

I can't wait to get this off to my photographer. Seeing it on a baby always makes a huge difference. One of my sweet testers took a pic on her little baby and it was adorable!! You can see that in my facebook tester album along with some other great sharks. 

I love the way the tail and fins turned out. They are slightly stuffed with poly-fil to hold shape. 

Look at those choppers and cute beady eyes! 

This fun new shark pattern is on sale in my Raverly shop for two more days! 
Wed Aug 31 - Thurs. Aug 1st (ends at midnight central) 
(Reg 5.95 on sale for $4.50. No coupon needed. Discount applied at checkout!) 

I can't wait to see your baby sharks! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yarn Eater Throw and Life Update

Just a warning up front this will be a crochet post but sightly more personal post too! :) 

So far I've not gotten very far in my Yarn Eater Throw. I've been busy with crochet alongs, designing and of course orders that are starting to pickup! Excited for busy fall season! 

Here is a current image of the progress. 
You can find the pattern and more about it through my previous post.

I bought 21 skeins of the yarn and I'm half way through the 4th. I have the pattern memorized by now so I work on it when I have time. I've spent a lot of time in the car traveling this month and this has been what I call crochet therapy. 

My hubby's ME-ME passed away and then a few short days later my Granny passed away! (Not to leave out my hubby's other Grandmother that passed away in June) These were amazing beautiful women on the inside and the outside. It's never easy to loose a loved one especially so close together. I'm glad I was able to attend their funerals to celebrate their lives! 

Crochet is good for therapy and I've been working on this blanket in spurts through it all! It will be a wonderful reminder of their lives! I'm glad to say it's turned out to be a great project during this time. I will continue to think about them and pray for family as I finish this project in the coming months. 

I wanted to personally thank you for all the wonderful emails, messages and notes many of you have sent me through these difficult weeks. I don't know many of you but I know that many of you were thinking and praying for me and my family! 

I am a Christian and without my faith, family and friends, I don't know that I would come through these times stronger. I'm glad that I have a hope that I will see these dear people in Heaven some day! 

Here is a sweet tribute to my Granny. A strong and faithful women of God that never gave up and gave  her all to those around her. She was the type of person that everyone thought she was there best friend. She can always make you smile. We'll miss you Granny! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bringing my Logo to Life: Shellby the Turtle Lovey

A while back I was looking at my logo thinking how cute it is and what a great job my web designer did when I told her what I had in mind. I thought it would be fun to make a line of patterns based of my logo for a few reasons. It's got some darling little creatures and shapes (trees, mushrooms, & flowers) in there that would be fun special items.  Also a great opportunity to work on something unique that would mean a lot to me and be exclusive from my shop!

I was naturally drawn to the turtle. Each of my animals in my logo have meaning to me. The turtle represents my turtle cuddle cape  as my all time best seller, so I thought it was a good place to start. I've been working on and off of this for the past 3 months. I got a little side tracked with crazy distructive weather, moving, and several deaths in the family so it's taken longer to do than planned but today I'm so very excited to release a new crochet pattern. The 1st in a line of more to come!

Shellby the Turtle Lovey

Do you think she looks like the turtle in my logo? 

I'm never good with naming my creations but this one was fun! I asked my testers for ideas and my friend Jennifer suggested I name her after my hubby. I didn't know if he'd like that but oh well! His name is Shelby and we just added an extra L because "SHELL"BY is just perfect for the turtle. 
I did tell my hubby and since he thought the turtle was super cute he didn't mind! 

You are going to looove this pattern! You can make the Turtle Stuffy or a small blanket but why not combine two childhood favorites into one and make a special lovey. 
My kids stole my lovies and I'll have to make more! These make a great gifts. 

You can find this pattern in Raverly
It's on Sale for $3.50 Jul 17-19th
(No coupon needed, discount applies at checkout!)

Come check out all the adorable tester pics on facebook! I love them all!
Thank you testers for all your help so that we can provide a wonderful pattern! 

hmmm I think we might just have to have a Crochet Along with this little guy! What do you think? 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer CAL - Crochet Scalloped Top - Finishing

I've been so excited with how many of you have joined in the crochet along! I've seen some great work and can't wait to see your finished tops in the coming week!

This week we'll be putting our Fronts and Backs together. Joining the sides and shoulders.

There are many methods to join. I don't like sewing a long piece of yarn so I opted to sl st up the sides (right sides together, so the stitch doesn't show).

Make sure you line up good. It's probably important that you have the same amount of rows on the front and back. I loosened my gauge up some on the front and I ended up with one less row but it worked out fine just had to make a few adjustment while joining the sides. (you can't tell) :)

When joining the shoulders I found that the yardage it had me cut while still attached, wasn't enough.
 I ended up fastening off the 3 yards, re-attached and went from there.

I had a few questions on the joining of the shoulders. You will be working back and forth from the top of the shoulders so that they are open is places. Here is a picture of mine and I'll try to help guide you through it. I wish I took step by steps here but alas my top is finished!

This shows how you work back and forth from the scallops. Don't forget you'll continue the same pattern repeats between these. 

Close up of how to work back and forth from a scallop! 

When you are all finished with your top I want to see pics or better yet I made a video and got my mom  to do it too! Don't be camera shy! 

I did a video because well have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself. It's really hard! I even tried using my bathroom mirror refection but I wasn't happy. Here is one my attempts. 
(ewe! Should have cleaned the mirror first! LOL)

I wanted to give you a little review and a full 360 view of my top in action. To prove it actually fit and that I really like it! Plus you can get to know me a little bit more :) I hope I get to meet you too!

So without further ado here is my finished Crochet Scalloped Top!


Don't forget to show me yours! It if you behind no worries! Just pick up your hook and keep going! I think you'll be happy you did! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Folding Lawn Chair Crochet-Over

My daughter has a princess lawn chair she plays tea party with and occasionally snacks in. Apparently she ate something sticky in it at one point because the liner was gross. So I set it aside to clean it but never got around to it. So I had a lightbulb moment and cut the liner off and decided eventually I would do something crafty with it. Here is what I did. {This isn't a pattern just a walkthrough}

The Folding Chair Crochet-Over


I used the liner as a pattern to follow and started with basic Granny squares. I have a tub full of cotton so I thought a bright rainbow theme would be a great stash buster. 

I made two the same size for the seat and back of the chair. 

Here you can see the liner I used to make this up. 

Here is the after. I added tabs in all the same places and then sewed them to the proper place on the chair. It was a little tricky to get it all just right but it was fun just to go with it and make it up as I went. 

Here is the finished product! I just love it! 

My four year old daughter didn't see it till today since she spent the day at her Grandma's yesterday. 
She loves the make over!

The only thing I'd do differently is that you really need to double up on the grannies and maybe make it tighter stitching for an actual sturdy seat. I used an H hook and worsted weight cotton.

I'm going to make a matching granny pillow to sit in the seat so it's more comfy since she kinda sinks in the chair. Honestly I think it's just going to look pretty in my crafty space LOL! 

This is the most unique thing I've ever made and I love it! 
What things have you made or crochet-over?  I'd love to see! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beginning of a Yarn Eater Throw

Happy July! If you know me I rarely make afghan unless I have too. I've actually made 5 this year, but none for me. So with us in our new home I've been trying to add some personal touches.  

My living room decor is Americana themed. Love the warm shades of Red, White and Blue. I'm planning on making some valances for the windows, pillows and an afghan. 

I fell in love with this yarn. It's Deborah Norville's Everyday Worsted in American Hero. Perfectly warm shades of the colors I was looking for and it's variegated. I don't usually like variegated but this with the project I have in mind it should work up great with out color changes!!! 

Long story short. I ordered 18 Skeins from Joanna's during a 40% off sale. Sadly they emailed me back and said it was out of stock and was being discontinued. I never believe the "it's being Discontinued" line. I've been told that at least 3 times and every time it was a lie!!!! I think mostly the store workers didn't really want to do there job and help me find it or just say it's backordered. Every time it's mysteriously reappeared on their shelves.

So I decided to go directly through Premier yarns. Guess what I found it! Not as on sale as I wanted but I got it :) I hope I got enough!! LOL

I'm going to make a Wool Eater Blanket. It's also referred to as 
Bavarian Crochet or Catherine's Wheel Stitch.

I found a free pattern from Red Heart

This is just the start and I have a feeling it will be fall/winter before I actually finish it, but I'm excited to tackled the project. It is quite the yarn eater and you better like triple crochet because there are a lot of them! It's an intermediate pattern but I don't think it's too bad! I think you could easily learn it! 

I've seen many of these and they are always gorgeous! I'll post more of my journey here and in my Raverly projects.

With all this talk of Red, White and Blue I'm going to wish you an early 
Happy and Safe 4th of July since it's only a few days away!