Friday, August 12, 2016

Birthday 2016 Sale and Giveaway

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! tooooooooo, me! Just kidding! I honestly don't want to celebrate getting older, but its got to happen! I'm thankful God has allowed me 34 years of life and that I've gotten to celebrate 6 of those birthdays with you! I hope you will enjoy the sale and giveaway! Details below! Enjoy! 

Just click the pic to go shopping in Raverly!!!! 

 80% off your purchase in Ravelry of $25.00 or more! 

Basically buy 1 and you get 3-4 free! 

That's 5 patterns for around $5.95! 

This will run August 12-15th ending midnight central. 

Just be sure to enter the code: 


No refunds will be given if you forget!

Also a Giveaway over on Facebook! 

I'm giving away 1 pattern to 14 winners, 

but if we reach 20,000 fans during the sale.

I'm going to raise it to 34 winners instead!! 

Just click on over to the post embedded below and do 1-4! 

1. Like our facebook page if you haven't

2. Like the post 

3. Share the post 

4. Leave a comment with your favorite b-day dessert!