Sunday, June 20, 2010

Referral Contest

Since we're nearing the end of another month it's time to try to reach my monthly goal of 100 new Facebook fans each month. I have a lot of Link Love fans and some are customers so that's been a great tool but I would really love more "real fans" that could be potential customers. Here's what I would love for you to help me  do. If we each refer one person we could easily reach this goal but I know not all will participate.
When you refer you friends tell them that they need to post to the wall who sent them. I will keep track of who refers the most friends. The person that refers the most friends will win a Good sized Mystery Prize Box with several items and $10.00 from Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations. The next two runners up will also win a mystery prize package and $5.00 Credit.  

(Please note *Credits cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or be applied to S&H)

Want even more chances to win!! I just started a twitter account for Calleigh's Clips <---click here for twitter :)

I need some twitter followers so you'll also get an extra referral for the same person if they follow us on twitter. They will need to send a Tweet like this so I know

Check out @CalleighsClips and Crochet Creations. I was referred by .........

I hope you have lots of fun with this contest! Hope we can over reach our goal! 

Thanks so much to my fabulous friends, followers and fans! Let me referrals begin!

*Contest will end June 30th at Midnight! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo Prop Photos

I recently started to venture outside of crocheting just hats and headbands and discovered the world of crochet props for newborn photo sessions. I just love it! A friend of mine special ordered a Hammock that can be used several different ways and a Hat/Cocoon combo. I just had to share a few pics that they are allowing me to use! Which I'm very grateful for! Meet precious little Zuri! 

I would like to do a few mentions! Thank you to The Pattern shoppe for the Hammock pattern. It can be used several different ways. As the next picture shows. 
* Please noteYou may WITH GREAT CAUTION use the ends to tie an object that will sustain the baby’s weight, but never suspend the baby at a height that could cause injury, as this will not be a secure knot. Obviously, it is always best to work with a spotter, someone to help with positioning and keeping the baby safe.

Thanks to Speckled Frog Crochet for the cocoon pattern. The hat was my own design inspired from a photo the family showed me! 
If you or know any photographers interested in props for their Newborn or even children's sessions please send them my way. I aim to please and still keep it affordable. 

The photos were done by the family personally so there isn't a copy write but I please ask you respect this families photos and not copy or download these images. Thank you and Thanks to the family for allowing me to use them. 

I'll soon be working with RM Photogaphy for some more fabulous pictures but she needs some precious new babies to photograph. If you're interested please check out her work! She does a fabulous job! How do I know? She's done pictures of my family and they are my favorites we ever had taken! It was such a fun photo session. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shiny and Fringe

Here is my random fun post for the week. On a whim we took the kiddos to PetSmart- officially known to us as the free zoo! Ayden and Calleigh love to look at the fishes. We can't have any four legged friend in our rent house so we got fish. Meet our two newest additions! Unofficially known as Shiny and Fringe.

We've had beta's before the kids but I think they're at a fun age to enjoy them. Ayden just keeps saying "fishy, fishy, fishy...." 
I think betas are beautiful and there so easy to take care of. I'm going to get a peace lily to put in them. It helps keep the water clean and adds a little greenery to the house. If you'd like to get one here are instructions on a Beta Fish Vase. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Patriotic Parade - The Red, White and Blue

I just love Patriotic Themed items! I created lots of different items but these by far are my favorites

1. The Bucket hat  - Made from light weight cotton. It's design is breathable and great for those picnics in the park

2. Firecracker Clip - It's a busy clip but I love the stars and strips with a touch of flare.

3.  Flag Bandana dress. These are so versatile and can be worn for a long time in any season. They fit from 12 mo. - 4 years as a dress and 5-7 years as a shirt.  Makes a great swim suit cover up. In the Fall and Winter just through a shirt under it and make it a jumper! I think there wonderful. Not to often you get clothes than can fit that long.

If you're interested in any of these items. Come visit Calleigh's Clips Artfire shop or visit us on facebook  to see more of our patriotic selections.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


just be happy Is having a giveaway for a crochet stuffed toy! She does really great work and has super items to choose from.

Yo Yo Puffs

I was looking for new ideas today and came across this crochet Yo Yo Puff Pattern. I have made ribbon rosettes which are similar and are gaining popularity in the bow making world. I don't care to make the ribbon ones but I will.  I just really liked the crochet yo yos. I made several today and the possibilities are endless. I'll be making more of these to attach to hats and headbands and I'll also make regular clips too. I'm going to make up a bunch and try to make a skull cap out of them I think it will be super cute. If you like retro then these are totally for you! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pomp Poodle Crochet Along

I've never done a crochet along and I've always wanted to. I've also never done amigurumi. If you don't know amigurumi is a crochet or knit stuffed doll or toy. You can find the the pattern and schedule here at the  Fave Crafts Crochet Along

This project is for a Pomp Poodle featuring Red hearts new Pomp-a-doodle yarn. I'm not usually fond of Red heart yarn the the Pomp a doodle is soft and will be fun to use. If I like using it I might apply it to some fall or winter hats. 

It will be a six week project but week one was just gathering supplies. I still need to get the pomp-a-doodle which I can only find at Michaels which I don't frequent as often as Hobby Lobby! 

I'm not using the exact yarn it calls for but only because I was involved in a garage sale and came across 3 tubs full of yarn that I got for free and I want to use it for my personal projects and test patterns. I also got free crochet and knitting needles, tons of thread, buttons and more! I can't wait to go through it all! Can't beat free! That is a crafters dream!

Week 2 - The Head

Week 3- The body

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photography Props - for dogs

My Mother gave me a fabulous idea the other day. She runs a small boutique for Dogs called Posh Pooch Designs Dog Clothes . She loves to crochet just as much as I do! She thought that the new Cocoons I started making for babies would also be great for small dog beds and be good for photo props for dogs. I have to admit I snickered a bit at the idea until my mom's Chihuahua's decided to rest in the basket. They love blankets and this just worked perfect.

Day at the Spray ground

We had a fabulous Memorial Day and thought I'd share a few fun pics of my kiddos. We went to a local spray ground. I think they are great. Plus they're free. My kids love the water and I'm excited to spend several summer days there!