Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yarn Eater Throw Update

Well It's been 6 months since I started my Yarn Eater Throw. 
You can read about the start of it and grab the free pattern in my previous post : 

I got excited at the start to learn bavarian crochet but after the 1st few rounds I got distracted. I rarely do large projects. So I knew this would be a long process. The stitch is now burned into my mind and it's very easy even though you kind of have to pay attention or you will miss stitches.

Right now it's measuring about 32 x 32 inches. I have 10 skeins of yarn left and the wheel stitch rounds (2 rounds) now take about a full skien. My goal is to finish this by spring.

I'm slightly disappointed in the way the variegated colors are working. I love the yarn but I wish it had more blue and that the red/cream didn't look so pink. I originally went with the variegated because I'd hoped it would mean less yarn changes but you have to fasten off every other row anyways because of the way the stitch works. I think in the end I'll still like it but I'm to far in to start fresh. It's still a special project to me!

I think I may need to block it. I must have done something weird at the start or crocheted with looser tension because it won't lay flat. It kinda pokes up in the center. Unless I stretch it out, like I did for the picture. Anyone else have that problem? Any advise?


Amy B Stitched said...

what a beautiful stitch pattern!! I find that I often start much looser and get tighter the longer I stitch. Blocking after it's completed should help flatten it out.

Posh Pooch Designs said...

The yarn is very pretty, the way it is working around.

Aurora Ramirez said...

I agree with amy b. I usually don't worry about how wavy or bunched up my work is because a good steam blocking will make it look great. Don't be discouraged keep on crochet because in the end it will feel great to have accomplished such beautiful work! Good luck

Rebecca Sunshine said...

I made a swatch of the bavarian stitch and really liked it. I too dislike large projects so knew a blanket was NOT in my future. Blocking should fix that up right away.

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