Friday, May 31, 2013

New Craft Loft

Well we've been in our new house a week and I love it! Even though the move was unexpected and a lot of work in a short time I think it will be a fabulous change for us.  
This house is more than twice the size of our last rent house which means room for all our junk LOL! 

I want to share with you my new favorite place! My very own crafty space! 
I'm beyond excited about it!! 

I didn't have a craft space before. My living room was my office and it was very crowded and cluttered! 

Take a walk with me up the stairs to my new loft ;) 

This space is huge! I think I need more yarn now! 

It has lots of light with three windows. I'm thinking we need some crochet decor up here. 
I can't wait to decorate! 

I can even have my sewing table out. Maybe I'll start something new! 

It's so nice to have a room dedicated to my hobby and business! 
I'm pretty organized but this will help so much. 
Now to find some inspiration for decor? 

Any Ideas? 


Anonymous said...

Ikea Expedit book.shelves (I see two already) are the best way to go...

Elisabeth Spivey said...

I love Ikea! I just really liked the shelves. I don't know if it's the best way but it's the way I went.

chris said...

What a beautiful big room

Snowball94 said...

Nice room, wish I had one like that!!! Enjoy it!

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