Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mini Mystery CAL from Merry Messy Life Part #2

I'm really having fun with this  Mini Mystery Crochet-A-Long hosted by Merry Messy Life.
I finally got around to finishing part 2. Eight little hearts. I was going to make 2 of each color but I ran out of green. I left long tails on most of mine for now since I'm not sure how these will be arranged when we get to part 3. This is turning out to be lovely! I can't wait to put it all together! I think whatever it is. It will be cute in my craft loft. It need more crochet decor. Which is what I'm guessing this is.

You can find the instructions here for Part 2 

You can also read more of my Part 1 here

Do you like CAL? I do!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy crochet-a-longs and this mystery one looks lovely. I'm guessing it is a bunting that says I Love You. Who knows though that is the mystery of it

Amy B Stitched said...

I prefer Mystery CAL's!! It helps me learn to trust and rely on the written pattern! So often I just start crocheting and follow the pics and end up having to remove stitches later on! Plus...surprises are FUN!!!

My Strong Sisters said...

I love those colors! It looks great - I'm doing this CAL as well - she's getting a lot of attention from us. I posted about this one too. Lol

Posh Pooch Designs said...

I am loving your colors. I will post about my colors tomorrow!

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