Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crocheting and Calories

This is more of a personal post, just thought I'd warn you up front and don't worry. I won't post a ton of weight-loss and fitness stuff. Just wanted to share my heart a little. 

I'd talked the other day about crochet goals, business goals, and family goals. 

Monday I decided I needed to make some healthy goals for myself. It seems so obvious to make a weight loss challenge in January but see I've not tried in years. Really basically since I had my kids and gained too much weight. Life got busy, business was good and I didn't really make time to really focusing on me, but I think that is okay for that season in my life. There comes a time when you have to dig down and work on yourself too! 

Hubby is pretty active and working to get fit, so it's my time to get off that couch! 

Goal one. Turn that TV off! 
- Netflix is a time suck seriously! I mean we all want to bing watch our favorite shows and it's easy to do when you have to crochet!
 I'm turning to music or just enjoying the quite, thinking & praying instead. 

Goal two. Eat & Drink healthy. 
I HATE to cook and bake. I don't enjoy it and everyone in my house is so picky. So trying new things isn't something we enjoy, but I think we can make it work. I'm going to do a lot more shopping on those outer isles of the grocery store and avoid the many isles of food that don't need to be eaten. 

My mom does a lot of smoothies so I'm going to try more smoothies too! I made some green ones today. Calleigh and I both enjoyed our yummy healthy breakfast! 

I tend to really only drink coffee and water so that's not really hard to change. I've not really been drinking pop for about a year. Just one occasionally and its usually diet. I'm finding I've lost my taste for pop! Flavored water is what gets me through! 

Goal Three: Activity and Exercise
I'm trying to get at least 30 minutes a day of activity! I'm very very out of shape! You know what I do because I HATE Gyms and I'm a homebody! I use my X-Box Kinect! I love the Adventure game! It gets me moving. It's silly I know but I have to enjoy what I'm doing. Calleigh likes to join in with me too! If it's not exercise then I don't know why my legs feel like noodles today! LOL. It's a start to get me moving!! 
I have some other work out games I'm going to wash the dust off and try again too! 
We didn't have a lot of space for this before but I do now so no excuses with this new house! 

What's making this easier for me?

Hubby got us both Bracelets called FitBit. I thought it was silly at first but I really think it's a tool that will help keep me in check and I always have a reminder on my arm! 

The bracelet keeps track of your steps. You can set up reminders and alarms and it vibrates. 
With the App I track all my food, water, & activities. So now I have a plan to count calories, know what I've burned and see how many I have left. I also set up a plan just for me. 
I have goals and it helps me track them from the app on my phone or online. 

It's social too because I can add friends, like my hubby. I even found a group with crocheters who also do fitbit! 

Just incase your wondering you do burn calories while you crochet! I couldn't find the exact number but it ranges from 100-200 per hour. I'm sure that just depends on what you are making. 

Well that's my goals! So far I've lost 2bls. but it's only the beginning of a long journey! I'll keep you posted when I hit some major goals! I need cheerleaders!! 
So feel free to leave motivational comments, encouragement's or share your story! I'd love to hear about it! 


Posh Pooch Designs said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I am so proud of you!

niccupp said...

Thank you for sharing your personal goals! I am working on me this year, too. This year, I am focused on miles. My goal is to bike/walk/run 1500 miles in 2014. I'm 4 weeks in and have 110 miles under my belt for the year so far. It's starting to feel like something I can do.

My Strong Sisters said...

I saw those FitBit thingys around Christmas but didn't really know what they were for. I'm not the most techno-savvy blogger. I'm gonna have to look into it. And good luck! (Phil 4:13)

Unknown said...

My health & fitness goals for this year are pretty simple. I have to have a hysterectomy sooner rather than later (the women in my family are cursed with fibroids and it's finally caught up with me). BUT, the BIG goal for me is to complete a Color Run 5k this year! When I was in the Army, I was running 30 miles a week, and when I got out, I stopped - because I thought I hated it. In a way, I did. Nothing like being a 30 year old woman being forced to keep up with a 6'6" 18 year old male who ran cross country. Now I realize I miss it. I'm using the ZenLabs C25K app on my phone. I'm going to do this!

Anonymous said...

I had to make major changes last year when I found that I had high blood pressure, high cholestrol and was prediabetic. To be honest we were shocked since i am active and fairly slim. But had poor eating habits. But it can be done. I am close to where I want to be so I know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I've not tried in a very long time. I know I need to but I'm just not a priority - sounds harsh writing it out but it's true.
I love that your husband is working with you and encouraging you along the way. I'll take 100 calories burned while crocheting but then you get crochet butt from sitting too long.
Enjoy your Kinect.

Unknown said...

I don't know if you shop at WalGreens, but if you do and you have a Balance Rewards card, you can link your FitBit to your Balance Rewards account and earn points from all of your activity. They let you set goals for weight and activity then reward you when you complete them.

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