Sunday, January 2, 2011

Free - Chain-less Foundation Headband Pattern

I find that many crocheters aren't familiar with a chain-less foundations. I think that it's a great technique especially for headbands. What the chain-less foundation stitch provides is a little extra stretch that a traditional chain doesn't. it's great for things that have to pulled over your head like sweaters, shirts, or ponchos. Here is a fabulous video from one of my favorite crochet blogs- The Art of Crochet by Teresa! Her videos and tutorials are all top notch and I recommend her to any one learning to crochet.

The easiest project to learn this stitch is a simple headband. It can be made any size using any yarn and appropriate hook 

Materials I'll be using:

Worsted Weight yarn acrylic or cotton (4) - I love this yarn by Hobby Lobby 
Measuring tape
Tapestry needle

General sizing: When measuring measure how you would normally wear a headband not like you would  a hat or cap. It tends to be a little larger than a hat measurement but not by too much. 

Newborn -- 13" 
0-3 months -- 14-15" 
3-6 months -- 15-17" 
6-12 months -- 16-19" 
Toddler (1-3 yrs) -- 18-20" 
Child (4-10 yrs) -- 19-22" 
Adult -- 21-24"

Headband Pattern: 

Do the Chain-less foundation until it's the length you need (un-stretched), join to form a circle, weave in ends. 

Note: I find that this technique will give you about 2 inches of extra stretch. 

Then you can add a crochet flower or any applique you choose like my owl. When you sew on the applique put it in the spot where you joined. It will hide the seam :)

Here are a few I've made and sell in my shop! 

You can also do sc and dc chain-less foundations for a thinner or thicker headband. More videos for these can be found on Teresa's blog. Try them all and see how you can use them in your next projects! 

I hope you are able to learn a new not so well known technique! Feel free to share you projects with me! I love to see what you do! 

I hope you love it as much as I do.  If you do sell items made from this pattern I just ask that you link back to me :)




Lenora M said...

Hi Elisabeth! Thanks for sharing. I had tried several times to use the chainless foundation but was not quite satisfied with the look. Thanks to Teresa's instructional video that you included, I saw what I was doing wrong. When I went back to the base of a stitch to start the next one, I was going through one loop instead of two. You wouldn't believe the difference it made! I'm making a headband for my greatniece, Gracie, who will be one year old next week and loves wearing hats and headbands.
Happy Hooking!! (That's what my friends tell me, lol.)

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Lenora- So glad it helped! I was confused the first few times I tried it too! :)

Alli said...

Thank you for this great resource! You've included a lot of great information in one post. I will definitely refer back to this when I make headbands!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thank you Alli!

Margie U said...

love your pattern would like to make one for my 5 year old granddaughter. Her head measures right at 22" should I go with that size or go two inches shorter because of the extra 2 inches of stretch in the headban?
Thank you

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Margie I would do it at 20 inches :)

Margie U said...

Hi Elisabeth,
Thank you for getting back to me so quick. I will be making one for my granddaughter and my friends granddaughter. when I give the head band to the girl's they will be wearing them when we go to the Tea Garden for lunch and from there to the show to see "Not A Bummer Summer"
Thank you again

Unknown said...


What is your policy on sales of this headband? I noticed on another pattern that you allowed sales with a link.


Elisabeth Spivey said...

Andi - You can sell them :) I just like that credit is given by linking back here! Thanks for asking :)


Bethany Franklin said...

I just found your blog today. This headband is super cute and I can't wait to make it for my baby cousins. I definitely agree with Teresa's videos being great. I learned out to crochet just by watching them. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Curious...just getting back into crochet after 15+ years. In this pattern are you using the same hook as the video? I don't see the hook size in your pattern. Thanks

Elisabeth Spivey said...

You can use any size hook you want to obtain the measurement you need.

with worsted I prefer to use an H hook :)

Anonymous said...

I love it, can you tell me what flower pattern it was you used? There are so many to pick from in that link. Thanks.

Cheryl said...

I would also like to know what flower pattern this one is,as it is very cute. Cheryl

GimpyGma said...

Where's the pattern for the flower?

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