Monday, January 24, 2011

Calleigh's Accident

What a crazy week! Started back to teaching Piano Lessons at the College Monday. I'm excited about each of my students this semester.  I also packed up my entire house and moved across town with help from family! We managed to do it in a day and I'm happy to say almost everything has been put away in the new house already. I love our new home and am so glad to be done moving!

On top of this crazy week on Thursday when we went to pick up the kiddos at Gee-Gee's (grandma), Ayden and Calleigh were playing around chasing each other as brothers and sister do and Ayden accidentally knocked Calliegh down on the tile floor in the kitchen a little to hard. I didn't even notice at first but she chipped both her front top teeth really good.

OUcH! They were chipped pretty high so we called a emergency line for the dentist and got her an appointment for the next day since it was late in the evening. I knew they were chipped more than half way up and there was nerve damage so something would have to be done. We had a few options but we decided that best would just to remove the teeth completely. We could have put on the silver caps but there was high possibility of infection and that her teeth would discolor and more work would have to be donet. I didn't want the metal in her mouth anyway and it was like $350 a tooth for the white. So after discussing it we did just have her teeth removed. I was really sad at first but I know that she'll get her big girl teeth in about 6 years....:( 

Poor thing after her surgery. She was pretty comical waking up from sedation. 

She took a really good nap with momma when she got home!

this is Calleigh a few days after. She's is great spirits and doing really well . We just think she's as adorable as before. She reminds me of Goofy and it fits her personality! 

Plus She really loves to eat pudding :)


Posh Pooch Designs said...

LOVE IT! She is just as beautiful as ever, too!

Kristine Mullen said...

awww....Hope she's ok.

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