Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Challenge #1

It's time for the next challenge in my organizing. I attempted the 21 day cleaning challenge and was doing awesome but then we moved so everything at the moment has a home and is pretty organized so I'm moving on to the next challenge of organizing my life :) I'm super excited about these weekly challenges and hope I can keep up because I love being organized and used to be pretty good at it before I had two kids and a family to take care of! A mothers job it never done so here we go...... I hope you'll try too!
I do better with deadlines so these challenges really help motivate me! 

if you'd like to follow along, join in and link up her you go:

Weekly Challenge #1 is a Home Management Binder

I will get started on this soon and share later in the week :) The Bowl Full of Lemons blog has some great resources for printable (some free) so check it out even if you can't join in each week! 


Amanda said...

ya i use to be organized before i had kids too. i'm looking forward to getting organized too.

I have a huge list of printables listed on my blog. they might help you with making your binder. cant wait to see your binder

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thanks amanda - I'll have to look at your printables!

Danyel said...

I'm going to buy a binder & start this project too! Good luck!

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