Tuesday, January 4, 2011

21- Days of Getting Organized - Day 3

Day 3 - Tupperware Cabinets

I actually don't have that many Tupperware containers and several of the ones I have were being use so I didn't have that to organize. I usually stack the small set I have together in one of the cabinets and have a drawer designated to lids.

 I decided to tackle another cabinet area in the kitchen but instead of one I worked on 3. :) If I had more time today I probably would have done the whole kitchen but I have three crochet orders that came in over the past few days that I need to tend too! Which I'm excited to work on as I usually am!

Here is the before picture:

This particular cabinet is my catch all for my baking and cooking items. It's been pretty neglected and I'm been pretty lazy about how I even stack things.

Here is the after picture! 
I took everything out, cleaned and scrubbed the cabinet out!
Then I organized everything! I have a few more pots to put in but I have to do the dishes ...LOL!  

I kept on going through the next cabinet because there inner connected in the corner. 

I keep the meds up high out of the reach of the kiddos. I can't even reach them with out a step stool. 

This is where I also keep my baking and cooking supplies I should really get some containers for the flour, sugar and such. 

Then I went on to cabinet #3 

I keep my baking pans and sheets in here along with boxed foods and cans. 

So far so good . OH and I almost forgot I did get to a pesky junk drawer too !!! I didn't get all the before picks because I'd only planned on doing one thing but I just kept going. So I hope you work the same way. I think when it comes to starting anything the hard part is just getting the motivation to get started! Now if I could just get vamped up to exercise and lose weight too! Keep up the good work everyone! 


Amanda said...

bet it feels great having them organized!

Anonymous said...

Great job!

Sally said...

Good job going through those cabinets! :)

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thanks gals it does feel great!

Libby said...

You're doing such a fabulous job!

Keeping Life Fun with one Craft at a Time said...

Can't wait to see more@

The Oxford Family said...

Looks great!

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