Monday, January 10, 2011

21 days of getting organized- day 8

Day - 8 the coat closest

Well I have a little issue now! I found out this weekend we'll be moving to a bigger place so I thought I'd still try to follow along as I clean things out and show you what thing were like before and show you what I did with it all after at our new house. 

On the good side the day I skipped our dresser I actually went back and did this weekend with the hubs. We went through all our clothes and shoes and threw out to large trash bags full. If I didn't were it in the past year or so I pretty much got rid of it! 

I've been tackling the rooms to get rid of so much and it feels great! I'm so excited to move into a bigger place. We're still renting and only moving across town but we'll have a 3 bedrooms in stead of two so the kiddos can have there own space. I must say that now my house is a mess of boxes but it'll be really clean when were done! 

Here are some before pics of my neglected closest Full of coats, suitcases, and other odds and ends that wouldn't fit any where else. It's pretty bad. I couldn't fit it all in a pic because it's a small hallway. 

See how I have stuff crammed in the bottom! I took it all out and got rid of a bunch of  misc. items. The sad part is there is a small shelf in there off to the side that I could have used but it's in a really hard to get to space when there is stuff in front of it. That area in the bottom is empty now but not because it's organized but because it got moved to another room to get packed up for the move. ;)

The top actually isn't bad, I store gift bags, paper and bows in the big gift bag and then there a few boxes of random things from my childhood that I need to go through but don't want to get rid of just yet. I'm sure they'll just stay in the boxes and get move into another closet.

New new house doesn't have a hall coat closet because when they remodeled the house they knocked it out the make the bathroom bigger and I think it was a wise decision after seen how small it was before. With the extra room we'll just put some in one of the rooms I'm sure and donate some of these coats to make some space. 

This should be a whir wind of two week while we move so I don't know if I'll keep up since I might lose internet access for a few days but I'll do what I can because I've enjoyed it so far! 
Keep up the good work everyone! 


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your move. We're moving later this year. That is why I wanted to do the challenge

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