Thursday, January 6, 2011

On a whim.....

On a whim we had some family photo's taken. Jerry Palmer a good photographer friend of ours was in OKC for a wedding a few weeks ago so we planned a little photo session.  He also did our engagement and wedding photos. 

We on a quick 5 minute photo shoot took a few family pics at Lake Hefner by the lighthouse. It was supposed to be a warmer than usual and a  sunny day but if you know the weather in Oklahoma it changes all to quick. It ended up being very cold and windy. So he took a lot of quick shots with his fabulous camera and here is a few of what we got! I have to say I love how they turned out in this short moment! 

My darling guys! 

Me and Calliegh (sporting Calleigh's Clips Items of course) 

Spivey Family Jan 2011

*Images are copyrighted - used by permission of Jerry Palmer Images

On a side note check out almost all of the owl hats and a hammock I've had to make for orders this week! I thought things would slow down in January and I'm glad they didn't! 

Owls in the nest!


Mandy said...

LOVE your owl hats! Wish I had a little one to buy one for!! :)

Loved the pics, too! Super cute with the cowboy hats!! :)


Elisabeth Spivey said...

@ thank Mandy :)

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