Friday, January 14, 2011

Moving along...

Things have been quiet here on the blog this week. I was so excited about all the organizing I got done but had to stop because of our quick decision to move to a new home! It's all working out so great and even though I hate moving I know this is a great change for our family. We've been having lots of family time packing, cleaning and going through old things. We've gotten rid of so much stuff and I'm very determined to be super organized in our new bigger house. I was going to save a lot and have a garage sale but that won't happen for months so we've really just trashed a lot of items we don't need or having used in the past year.

The plan is to be complete moved across town by Thursday night. We took our first load down yesterday and help our friend who owns it move out the rest of her big items. We'll take all the little stuff down a day at a time and all the big stuff in the truck Thursday. So things we'll still be pretty quiet online for me the next week and I'll probably be without internet a couple of days. Plus I start teaching piano next week too so it's going to be a crazy week!

I've got so many ideas, new patterns to come and fun surprises that I can't wait to share. This year is already off to a great start and I've met so many sweet people and excited for all the changes and new things to come this year. So thanks for being a follower, and fan! You surely make me smile and enjoy what I do!

Have a great weekend!



Libby said...

Congratulations! I would say this is perfect timing because when you unpack in the new house, you can organize what's left the way you want it. Maybe you can setup one room at a time.

I'm happy for you. Looking forward to hearing from you when you return. :-)

Yarner said...

You should have had a freecycle day! Go to and find the group nearest to you. You could put your "junk" out in a "free-yard-sale" or "after yard sale freebies" or you could offer things on your group list. This is not as much trouble as it may sound: You offer, tell someone where to pick up the item, and basically leave it on your front porch. Bottomline: fewer useable items in the landfill. Try it!

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