Saturday, January 29, 2011

WIP - Child's Flower Sweater

Work In Progress -(Finished - 01/29/11)
Red has come up with some really great new patterns that I've been itching to try! The first one is the adorable Child's Flower Sweater. You can find the free pattern here. I just love bright colors so I'm trying to add my own flare to this darling sweater for my Calleigh.

I've usually only made items that are one piece so this is my first attempt at piecing together a garment.

This first picture is of the back which is all I have done right now. It'll lay a little better when it's put together.  I have 2 sleaves, the front pieces and a super cute collar to add to it. I thought it might be fun to follow the progress of this sweater. I'm using I Love this yarn acrylic but I think it would be a great summer sweater in cotton yarn in a solid color like white or cream.

1/29 - 12:31 pm - I just finished the 1st sleeve and then I realized I did double crochet and not triples on the sleeve. It makes a big difference in the length and the look of the sleeve. so starting back over on next step....LOL (hate I when I do that)

1/29/11 - it is finished

Front View

Back View
It's not perfect and there are a few mistakes but over all I like the way it turned out and it fits Calleigh great! I'll try to get a picture of her wearing it soon!  :) 
What do you think? 

I really think I want to make her an white or off white cotton on for the spring. 

I also found this sweater today : Child's Friendship knot sweater - the texture is great and I love the knot detail if I can do it. I bet you could even make it longer in length for a cute dress and even use cotton yarn with shorter sleaves for a lighter spring dress.


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Loving the colors you choose..So Calleigh.

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