Friday, October 22, 2010

Breath in Breath out - Relaxing while you Crochet

Some would say they crochet to relax but do you relax while you crochet!

As business picks up for the holiday season I find myself getting tense from trying to build up inventory for craft fairs and boutiques. I naturally am a tense person and that can cause your hands to be very sore from crocheting every spare minute you have.

Many of you know I also teach piano and I thought I would apply some of the technics I use to relax when I play to while I crochet. You're thinking what does playing the piano have to do with crochet. Ask my College Piano Teacher he'll tell you we worked for years for me to relax and not play so stiff!

I found that when I was playing piano exercises and my songs that I wouldn't breath. It wasn't intentionally holding my breath but I was concentrating on playing and all that goes along with that I wouldn't take breaths. If you don't breath you get tighter and tighter.

1. First thing to apply would be to take deep breaths breathe in and breathe out every few stitches.

2. Take frequent small breaks- I find that if I get into a rhythm of crocheting I don't want to stop till the project is done. Thats why I don't do many big project like blankets :)  I have the advantage of kids so I'm always taking unintentional breaks, but they do come first.

3. Watch your posture when you crochet- I find myself sitting in one place to long or I'll sit on my foot and it'll fall asleep. Try not to do that! Don't slouch it will hurt your back and neck. Try to find a nice comfy chair. I love to crochet in my big blue chair in front of the TV with my favorite show or movies! 

4. Turning on some relaxing music is always nice too. I love jazz and easy listening! 

5. You can do finger exercises, hand massages, shoulder rolls and stretches! Just like any sport a good stretch and warm up before you start will make a world of difference.

6. If you find yourself in a lot of pain then I suggest you stop and take a break don't crochet through the pain. You will just make it worse. Since I make bows and crochet I try to crochet one day and make bows and the next. That way it gives my hands and wrists a small break from all the repetitive motion.

There are lots of great tips out there here are a few things I found :

How to prevent injury while crocheting
Hand and wrist stretches 

Happy Crocheting!


Marianne's Musings said...

Thank you for reminding us to take the time to "breathe" and relax. Your advice is practicle and very important! We need to "celebrate" our gifts and not stress while using them; otherwise, they aren't gifts. You are a very wise woman and thank you again.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thanks for your kinds words Marianne :)

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