Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Engagement Memories

This Month around this week 4 years ago! My sweet hubby asked me to marry him! I had no idea he was going to pop the question. Of course I said yes! Sorry this picture is so bad. It was dark and well thats all we got, but it was real time ;)

My 2nd favorite memory from this night was at dinner. We went on a double date with his Bro and Sister in law. His brother Jason was holding the ring for the night and was supposed to pass it to Shelby sometime after dinner. They were trying to discretely pass the ring under the table and Jason dropped the ring. Shelby just quickly grabbed a napkin and picked it up - I didn't notice any of this! Which is strange because I usually notice everything. It's something we still laugh about today. 

I met my husband in college but we were just acquaintances. I had another person in my life at the time so I didn't really pay attention to other guys around me. That didn't end up working out but I wasn't in college anymore so I was back home in a different city.
 One random summer day in 06' back when myspace was cool he found me and "added me as a friend" I accepted and well we've pretty much talked everyday since. We like to joke that we met on myspace but I'd known him for 3 years prior. We were both single at the time and had our share of relationships that just were not meant to be but we became good friends rather quickly. I later learned that he'd really liked me back in college- sure wished I'd been paying attention back then!

We had a mutual friend getting married in Sept -06'( I was in the wedding) and he came up to Tulsa for it.)  - We had a wonderful day and evening together and we started dating official pretty quickly there after.   We got engaged in Oct 06' and married March of 07'. Pretty quick I know but we'd really known each other a long time and we just really felt that is what God wanted for us! We've been happily married since. 
Here are a few of our fabulous engagement pics. I love these pics. There were taken by a man in our church Jerry Palmer of Jerry Palmer Images. He did our wedding pics too! 


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