Friday, December 19, 2014

Meet Lucy and New Decorative Christmas Headpiece

So my hubby texts me a picture of a dog yesterday - "found this adorable little dog running around in the street by the gas station across town" No tags or collar. The gas station said she'd been around for days.  (I'm thinking oh no we can't have a dog, we aren't supposed to in the rent house we have.) 
My hubby is a sucker for rescuing dogs. 

We had tried the whole dog thing before but mainly larger dogs and I just didn't have time to properly train puppies or they didn't work out with the kids and such. We've re-homed two dogs when we had to move suddenly about a year and half ago. I said I would never do a dog again and thought sorry dear this isn't happening. Meanwhile he called our landlord and he said "well if she's small I think it will be okay!" and thus we have a new puppy! 

I wasn't too excited about it but then I met her and I've fallen in love already! Got her all cleaned up and spent the rest of the evening with her. She is so quiet and sweet. I've yet to hear her bark. She loves the kids. Is going potty likes she's supposed to and she snuggled with us all night long. We still need to get her to the vet for a check up and see if she might be chipped.

We didn't want to go with a Christmas type name for her and it took us a long time to decide but we went with Lucy. My son loves Legos and the latest Lego movie with Emmet and Wildstyle. Wildstyles' real name was Lucy so that's where it came from LOL. 

Now if you know anything about me you know my mom is a crochet designer for dogs-
She is super jealous because she secretly wanting a little Black Chihuahua. I'm pretty sure that's what this little darling is. 
I told her she can't steal my new doggie and she would love her because Lucy didn't mind modeling a little hat I made her. 

I hope you enjoy this pattern. It's basically the same as my 
Decorative Pumpkin Headpiece base with color changes and a little ball on top! 

Decorative Christmas Headpiece  

Don't for get to save this in Raverly or Pin it for later! 

Sized for 2-3 inches between the ears and about 10-12 inches around the head

F - Hook 3.75
Worsted Weight Yarn of choice - Red and White

*Chain stitch does not count in stitch count!
*The number at the end of each row is the stitch count for the row (#).

Terms and Stitches: 
*R - row or round
*ch - chain
*sc - single crochet
*sl st - slip stitch
*st - stitch

Starting with Red
R1: Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, join with sl st to 1st sc (6) 
R2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join with sl st to 1st sc (12)
R3: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (18)
R4: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc 2) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (24)
R5: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc 3) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (30)

Switch to White, Fasten off Red
R6: Ch 1, *(2 sc, sc 4) repeat from * around, join with sl st to 1st sc (36) 

Piece should measure approx 2 1/2 inches across.
R 7&8 will form the ear holes and ties

R7: Ch 24, sk 6 sts, sl st in next st, sc in next 11 sts, sl st in next st, ch 24, 
sk 6 sts, sl st in next st, sc in remaining st to beginning ch-24, DO NOT JOIN

R8: sc in next 12 chs, ch 46, sl st in 2nd ch from the hook and next 45 chs, sc in next 12 chs, 
sl st in next 12 sts, sc in next 12 chs, ch 46, sl st in 2nd ch from the hook and next 45 chs, 
sl st in remaining sts to 1st sc, Fasten off and weave in ends. 

Pom Pon Ball

With White
R1: Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, join with sl st to 1st sc (6) 
R2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join with sl st to 1st sc (12)
R3: Ch 1, sc in each st around, join with a sl st to 1st sc (12) 
R4: Ch 1, sc dec in next 2 sts ( 4 times) join with a sl st to 1sc sc (6)
Fasten off, leaving a long tail to sew to hat.

Stuff slightly with some extra white yarn. Sew Ball to middle of headpiece
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Christmas Gift For You!

Merry Christmas! Here is our December Limited Time Gift! I hope you enjoy this fun pattern. 


This pattern is a limited time freebie. It will only be free 
Tues. Dec 16, 2014 - Wed Dec 17, 2014 ending at Noon Central time.

You can only access this freebie by use of coupon code via my blog link. 
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If you miss the time frame I'm sorry but after it is over you will need to purchase the pattern which will remain on sale through Midnight central Wed for 60% off.

We are currently running Pre-Christmas Sale in Ravelry- 60% off all patterns. No coupon needed discount applied at checkout. Freebie and Discounts must be done separately!!! 
See here for full details. 

Click the link below and it will auto add the coupon code to the cart.
All you need to do it click checkout. (make sure it says free in the total please!)

The Precious Gift is a perfect hat for the Holiday season. I’ve designed this pattern with several options so you can wrap you gift however you like.
Includes bow instructions (picture tutorial), Jester hat instructions and several other options that make this a very versatile hat outside just the gift. It’s the perfect square hat : )
This hat works up very fast and pattern is written in all-sizes.
This pattern is in American English. 
Skill : Easy
Thank you and Enjoy! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pre-Christmas Sale and Freebie

I've been trying to have sales once a month for you guys! They have been going really great and I can't even begin to tell you what It means to me when you purchase a pattern. THANK YOU!! 

Things have been very tight this year and you've made it possible for me to pay most those extra unexpected dr. bills we had and still have. I have a long ways to go before they are paid down but with each sale we get a little bit closer!
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Thank you, Thank you and Merry Christmas !

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Now for that freebie! I know that's why you came here! 

I've decide this months the free paid pattern will be my Precious Gift hat

 It will only be Free TUES Dec 16th and will run for 24 hrs from the time posted
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You can now access the link to download it for free here