Sunday, October 31, 2010

Create Crochet Etsy Team

Well I've been selling on Etsy for four months now and I have to say so far I'm not disappointed. I was really nervous to jump into such a large online selling venue and so far it's paid off.

Etsy have several teams you can join up there all made up of Etsy sellers. I browsed through many and decided to join up with the Create Crochet Etsy Team. I have to say it was one of the best things ever. I've meet some really great and talented people from all over the world. Everyone is such an encouragement and I've learned a lot of different things from different people. I love the feedback on my items. Plus it's nice to know there are other people in the world that are as addicted to crocheting as I am . LOL!

Etsy give out grants to each team ever month and Our Team won this month! You can read about that here. I'm so proud of all the hard work our leaders, helpers, members and volunteers have put into this team.

Our team has challenges every month and this is the first month I've been able to participate. Our theme is for breast cancer awareness. Since we won the grant the team will be picking 10 winners and they'll each get a prize! You can read more about our team and events we've been a part of this year here.

I entered my pink-a-boo puppy. So when It comes time to vote tomorrow! You'll have to help me out!! You can vote on the Create Crochet Etsy Team Blog.

I look forward to being a part of this team for a long time! Congrats team and keep up the good work!


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