Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Creations

Every weekend I try to create something new. I had lots of ideas and some extra time so I have several to share.

1st up is the Giraffe Hat! I found this adorable pattern from The Crafty Tortoise. You can find her blog here or visit her etsy shop. I wanted the pattern but was going to wait. It happened that a friend asked if I could custom make one. Here it its!

2nd: Lady bug Earflap Hat

This is my own creation. My Mother in law and I both  love ladybugs so I just had to create this for Calleigh. I just love the little swirly antennas. I have more ideas on creating multi-color dot hat. I just love polka dots too!

3rd one - Bumble Bee Set

I hadn't had a chance to share a diaper cover that I liked yet. mostly just played around with the one pattern I have. I though this would bee a perfect set ;) I got the bee set Idea from The Inner Hooker. The diaper cover pattern is hers and the hat is my own design. This would make a cute newborn photo prop. I love the little curly stinger on the diaper cover! It's all in the details. I can't wait to make more diaper cover sets.


The Oxford Family said...

cute! cute!

Unknown said...

Oh these are the cutest things!!! My three year old loves ladybugs and my 5 year old loves giraffes. Can you make them in their size??? LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thanks Nicolette - I sent you an email (the the email in your blog profile. Let me know if you have any other questions -

Aubrey said...

Can you make a pattern for an adult on the giraffe hat?? Or make a big one tO buy???? It's the cutest hat ever and I wanna wear it! :)

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Aubrey and I can make you an adult sized giraffe hat! I'd love too! I'm email you details :)

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