Saturday, August 14, 2010

Christina's Cake Creations

Look What my fabulous Brother and Sister-In -law made for my birthday! It was a total surprise and I loved it! I play and teach piano and this cake couldn't be more perfect. 

Christina (sis-in-law) has been enjoying making cakes over the past few years and I think she does a fabulous job! She loves to make them for holiday's birthdays, special occasions and more. 

She really married the perfect guy for her too because my brother is very creative, artistic and love to cook! So this is something they enjoy doing together! 

I think one day I can see them making a business out of this wonderful craft. 

I only bake cakes. I've tried my hand at decorating and it's not for me! 

Aren't they just a cute couple! 

They even made a little me playing the piano

My face had a little accident on the way to the house. :)
Not only does this cake look great. It tasted awesome! It had three layers: Pineapple, strawberry filling and marble cake covered in a think layer of fondant. All so yummy! 
Here are a few of her other creations! 


Mandy England said...

What an amazing cake!!! Love it :]

Libby said...

First off, Happy Birthday!!!!! I do hope your day was truly wonderful and that you have a really great year.

That cake is truly amazing! It is a wonderful business idea. I'm glad your bro and SIL have something artistic that they can share. Great team!

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