Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funny Face

I've been busy this week preparing to start teaching private piano lessons at Heartland Baptist Bible College and finishing up orders so I've not had time to share much. So I though a few pictures would be fun. This was from Sunday afternoon after church. Calleigh was just full of fun funny faces. She is 15 months now and just growing like a weed. I just love her giggle. She's such and girlie girl and I love it. She has fallen in love with baby dolls and her blanky and is always carrying them around. Have a great weekend everyone.

Oh and I couldn't leave out little man! he picked out this pic. It was cell phone photo from Target some time this summer. The Starbucks inside were handing out Frap samples and we got this super cute photo! 

Smile & Enjoy!


Bunnycone Designs said...

Your kids are soo cute! and I've never seen a starbucks cup that small! LOL I'm your newest follower here from etsy forum!

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