Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tutorial Bandana Apron

Oh sew easy Bandana Apron- takes maybe 10 minutes or less. Can be made for as little as $2.00

I get bandana's and ribbon at hobby lobby. Most bandanas are .99 -1.99 and ribbon is 1.99-3.99 but the ribbon is usually 50% off. Not every week but almost every week. If it's not on sale give it a week or two and it will be. I  know that the ribbon is on sale this week Aug 23-Aug 29, 2010

one Bandana 22x22 (standard size)
60 inches of grosgrain ribbon 5/8's or larger (whatever you prefer- Just about any size will do)
Sewing machine and white or coordinating thread

1. Iron your bandana
2. pin ribbon to top edge of the bandana (right side up)
3. Sew together along the top edge and the bottom edge of the ribbon and your done!
    Be sure to back stitch  beginning and ending stitches. Also heat seal you ribbon ends to prevent fray.
I use a regular lighter, just be careful not to burn your finger. ( speaking from experience, but I use it on a daily basis making bows.)

I made mine slightly different because this bandana I bought had a defect - there was a random slice in the fabric along the top edge I missed when I bought it for a dress. Before I sewed on the ribbon I made two sewing lines about 1/4 inch apart and gathered up the bandana a little then I pinned on the ribbon and sewed it together like above. Here is mine! I just used what I had on hand. I'm going to eventually make up some zebra, leopard and other fun print ones too!

 These would make a great christmas present. Bandanas come in many prints and solid colors! You could also easily just use a scrap of fabric around 24 X24 inches you would just need to hem all the way around. If you make some up please feel free to email me a photo. I'd love to see what you come up with.

***don't know how to sew - try this no sew version I found on Ashely Ann's Blog



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