Sunday, August 1, 2010

Calleigh's Piggies

I've been dying to put Calleigh in piggy tales. She just hasn't had enough hair for it. This morning for church we tried and it lasted till we got in the car. She pulled them out on the way to church. She had crazy funny hair so I fixed and it lasted through nursery and that was a surprise (I'm sure someone fixed it). Daddy only got a few pics but this is my favorite.  She wasn't mad about the piggy tales. Her brother wasn't being nice. 

I think maybe I need to get some of these Bebe Doo's Perfect Ponies- check them out they're adorable! 


The Oxford Family said...

Nothing sweeter than a girl in piggies!

Unknown said...

oh she is just precious!!! I love having girls...I am sure you do to. But just wait until they start, you are not wearing that are you??? lol my five year old has started that with me. lol

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