Monday, May 21, 2012

What's on New and on Sale this week!

Gooooood Morning! I hope your week is off to an awesome start. I have a busy week ahead with several orders to complete and I need to decide what patterns I want to tackle next. I have so many ideas I don't know where to start sometimes.

My joy and my inspiration for Calleigh's Clips came when I had my baby girl Calleigh. She isn't quiet a baby anymore. She's turning 3 this weekend. Many of you got to see a very funny side of her this week in my Mermaid Tail Outtakes video . If you have small children you'll relate especially if you've ever tried to record a video tutorial with kids around.

Speaking of the Mermaid! If you Pre-Orded the Pattern you might be surprised to see I've already sent them all out! If you didn't get yours just shoot me an email and we'll try again. If you've not purchased it yet I'm still leaving it on sale for $4.50 (ref. 5.95) through Wed. May 23rd. You can get an instant download in my ravelry shop. (discount applied at checkout)

Photography by : Emma June Photography 

Since Calleigh will be turning  three I though the Pattern of the Week should be
the Cupcake Cuddle Cape set! 

You can get that for $3.00 - through Saturday (automatic discount at checkout) 

if you want both patterns you have to purchase separate to get discounts on both.

I should have one more new pattern to release by the end of the week. Just waiting to get some images back to add to the pattern. I may add it to Ravelry with out the pro pics and then just send out updates when it's ready but I've not decided yet. So just watch for a Facebook announcement soon!

The Crocodile/Alligator pattern

I know many of you saw the Beagle puppy I was asked to make for a custom order. I've had several emails asking if I'd be willing to write or add that into the Puppy Cape pattern.  I'm going to try to work on getting that added in the next couple week.  The only difference is color changes. The pattern itself isn't different. So it shouldn't be hard to for me to get done. I just need to get the yarn for it. Isn't it adorable. This hat pattern actually maybe one I try to right up in other sizes but don't hold me to it...LOL! 

So with out me saying to much (don't like to share my ideas before hand) 
What do you think I should do for the next cape design? 

I'm thinking in these themes: Food, Flowers Royalty, or other under the sea animals/creatures
Suggestions are always welcome! 

Have a great week! 


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