Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pre-Sale Mermaid Princess Cuddle Cape Set

I just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments about this new set. Lots of love and time has gone into this pattern from me and my fabulous testers! I can't thank them enough for helping me when I was stuck on some sizing! I love that I've met some fabulous people that help me make these patterns just right just because they want to. This business wouldn't continue to flourish with out all the amazing ideas and support of pattern testers, photographers, fans and customers. THANK YOU! 

This Set just needs to be tried out on a little baby one more time on Sunday to check the foot pocket out on the back. If it's good then it will be ready to go Monday. What's a foot pocket you ask ? :) 

I wanted to keep the tradition of writing a cape style pattern not a cocoon. The only problem with the mermaid tail is that we don't really want little feet or toes sticking out since well...Mermaid don't have feet. LOL! So just incase you have a baby that is a little more alert and moving we've added a little pocket on the back to keep them in place. For those of you that want a more cocoon like back. I've also included instructions on how to make a pocket cover entire back of the cape. 

Since many of you didn't want to miss this release next week I started a Pre-Release Sale yesterday and I have to say I've never really had good luck with pre-sales but you all have surprised me and have obviously fallen in love with the pattern already. I'm blown away at the response to the Pre-Sale! 
Thank you so much!!! 

Here is a link to the Pre-Sale in my Artfire Shop. You can get the pattern for $4.50 through the weekend to the release date (set for Monday May 21st) Regular price $5.95  - 

Pre-Release Sale- Mermaid Princess Cuddle Cape Set
Pattern includes instructions for the Tail, Shells and Tiara. Uses the gorgeous crocodile stitch texture. 

I know many of you aren't as familiar with Artfire but I love it for pre-sale and high volume orders because I don't have to pay the Crazy Fees like on Etsy!!! Many have asked if it will be available on Ravelry and it will be. I've decided on the Release day I'll extend the sale so you can get it on instant download if you prefer at the sale price. 

Remember this is a Pre-Release Sale and I'm putting the final touches on the pattern so it's not going to be emailed until Monday May 21st!!! 

For those of you interested in the finished Items I have one that is ready to ship as shown in the pictures above. You can purchase it in my Etsy shop 

If you have other questions please don't hesitate to use the contact tab to email me!! 

UPDATE - You can now find this in all my shops! Simply visit


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