Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to work!

First off I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my customers, fans, followers and encouragers! These past 5 months have been quite an adventure. 

In Nov. 2011 my sweet hubby got hurt at work and he found out he was going to have to surgery on his knee. Which meant a while before he was going to be able to work. Workers Comp isn't always a fun ordeal. It's slow and you never know how it will go but thankfully we didn't have anything to pay medically but hubby's income was very small. I just prayed that the Lord would bless my little business adventure when I opened back up to finished items in Jan. 

I was busy every minute trying to get all these amazing orders out the door. The Lord truly bless my business and we didn't struggle finically through this process of having to rely mostly on my income. It was very scary to rely on orders to come in to pay those bills but it all worked out. Things have slowed down for me and I was getting a little nervous but the doctor finally release my hubby to go back to work yesterday! I'm going to miss having him around all the time and back to crazy schedules but a little more stability. So thank you to everyone who helps make these past 5 months go quickly with keeping me very busy. 

I'm looking forward to creating new patterns! I have so many more ideas to share!! 



niccupp said...

God is faithful. :)

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