Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pixie & Pom Pom Craze

So this past week I finally bought a pom pom maker. I'm in love! Why did I not do this sooner. {because I'm cheap- and it was on sale}  So with my mind on pom pom making I decided I needed to make more jester and pixie hats. I made up four super cute hats and here they are:

Patriotic Pixie/Stocking Cap

This stocking cap has a great texture stitch and I love the effect it gives it. The color design is my twist on a pattern by Speckled Frog Crochet You can find the stocking cap pattern here.
I decided to go with a simple pom pom and a cute star button for an accent, but this hat can also be made with long braided tail or a curly tail for different effects. I think this would make a great photography prop for newborns with patriotic holidays coming. 

Stars & Stripes Jester Hat

This fun Jester Beanie is also patriotic in theme. I used the basic jester hat pattern by Inner Hooker and added my own twist with colors and a texture stitch that I like to use. I love how it turned out!

Pink Camo Jester Hat

I love this girly camo. This is also the same pattern with my texture stitch added. I just like the raised effect that it gives.

Nubby Newsboy Cap 

I need to make this in my size! I offer this hat in any size nb to men/women's sizes
I love the ivory tweed and tan belt with buttons. I think it would make an adorable nb photo prop or just a great fall hat for anyone. This is a warmer hat with the thick texturing but it fits a little bigger than a regular newsboy cap so it great for on the go when you want to hide your hair :). 

OH I almost forgot to share the new Photography prop - Hanging Basket! 

This is also a new pattern by Inner Hooker. {i have like 25 of her patterns and highly recommend her} 
I'm excited to make more of these in a variety of colors. isn't it cute. I had a few fans ask me if it was for plants to hang in. I supposed you could do that but I'd have to design it smaller and with different yarn. 

I'm about to have a lot more free time. I only have one more day left at the college for the semester! 



Libby said...

All of these hats are super gorgeous. Love that newsboy cap especially and a pom pom maker seems to be the thing to have. My pom pom maker is a piece of cardboard, and it sure gets tedious after a while. Congrats!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thanks Libby!

Kristine Mullen said...

Love the patriotic hats! Super cute.

Sweet Lily said...

Wow, absolutely fantastic!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

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