Monday, May 30, 2011

Hatchlings, Owls and Daisy!

Over the weekend I was able to get my two of my latest patterns edited and released. Check them out!

Hatchling Turtle - Cuddle Critter Cape - 
Newborn Photography Prop

Owlette Owl- Cuddle Critter Cape - 
Newborn Photography Prop

These can both be purchased for an instant download via Ravelry here or you can always purchase in my Etsy Shop

Speaking of Etsy I hit my 200th sale this weekend. Pattern sales are definitely the place to be. I took me a  year to get 100 sales but only two weeks to hit 200 and I'm absolutely thrilled with how much you love these newborn cape set. I have so many more in the works. I have trouble knowing which ones to do next and yet make on more unique than the last. 

I recently bought a new pattern. I've been wanting a great bonnet pattern. I bought a few and tried a few free ones and they just weren't working for me. So I when a different route and bought a pattern by the Inner Hooker (One of my favorite pattern writers) for the Flower bonnet. It worked up perfectly. I didn't have enough handspun merino on hand so I thought I'd try a different yarn (Yarn bee - Chincilla). This is what I came up with. I'm not sure what I think about it. What do you think? 

I'm trying to think of a fun design for a cape to go with it.
 I have in the works, a zebra, Sock monkey and dinosaur......and so many more ideas written out! I can't wait to design more. Many have asked for a butterfly and I think I've finally pinned down what to do for it. Can't wait to see how it comes out. 

Hope you've had a great Memorial Day! I've not even touched my hook. Spent the day outside in the warm weather in the sprinkler with the kiddos. 


Anonymous said...

What do you think of a dragonfly? I think that would be cute.

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