Monday, April 25, 2011

New Yarn, Creations and Ideas!

Hi, I've been a good girl and not bought anymore thick n' thin handspun and hand dyed yarn in a while. I love the yarn and it's always so lovely and fun to work with. I've justified it in my mind once I made money back from my original purchase I would let myself buy more. That was made easy when I wrote out my simple Thick N' Thin NB Beanie pattern

I can't believe how popular this pattern has been and with buying more of this yarn I plan to write out a few more patterns like a pixie/stocking cap, gnome hat, chin strap  hat and a few other things in mind.

I've only bought yarn from one seller and I just really love the colors she has to offer. Her shop is Ilashdesigns  -

I ordered -  Tea Party , Squirtguns andWoodland Faerie. 
I'm so excited to work with these today! 

Over the weekend I made up this adorable unicorn. My own design! 
I just love the Rainbow mane and tan horn. 
What do you think?

I also finished up the zebra hat and cuddle critter cape! Isn't this just adorable! 

I'm so excited because my photographer was able to do three newborn sessions this weekend and is in process of editing photos of them in some of my cuddle critter capes and other hats. I'm thrilled with the sneak peaks she's teased me with and can't wait to share them with you soon.

On a side note I only have one more week of Piano lessons, a recital and some finals to test the following week and schools out for summer! I'm thrilled to get to focus on my kiddos and crocheting this summer! 
Have a great week everyone!


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Congrats on the pattern sales!

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