Monday, May 16, 2011

Cuddle Critter Capes - Crochet patterns

Over the weekend I decided that besides just selling the Cuddle Critter Capes themselves I should sell my patterns too. I was already writing them as I went along anyway.  Most crocheters will tell you that they were inspired by someone else and I'm one of them. I think very few of my creations are original.

I don't think the capes are but there was only one other shop selling something similar to them on etsy before I started and now there are about 5-6 that I could find. So maybe I started a new trend :) It's nice to get ahead of the game for a change with something new. With that said I would love for you to be able to make some too if you'd like I've released 5 patterns so far - ladybug, bee, monkey, bear, and mouse. I'm working on more soon and if there is one you specific you'd like let me know.... you can get an instant download via ravelry on my crochet pattern page or purchase through etsy.


Danyel said...

The capes are cute. Don't worry about what other people think. Just keep doing what you do best. :)

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thanks Danyel!

michelle said...

These cuddle capes are all so adorable! Great job and imagination. Happy birthday Calleigh!

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